Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 April 2019 Update: Bala tries to expose fake Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2019 Written Update, YHM latest news

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM). Karan and Yug finds from Malhotra about Rohan’s plan and where did he take Aaliya.

Rohan spikes Aliya’s drink and takes her to a hotel room. Karan and Yug reach in time and stop him from molesting Aaliya. Rohan does this as he fears of losing Aaliya if they just remains good friends. he cannot see Aliya with Yug. He tries to justify his act. Karan gets much upset with him. Rohan loves Aliya but loses everyone’s trust with this step. Yug is also upset with Rohan’s misdeed. Ruhi doubts that Karan had supported Rohan and misunderstands him.

Also, Bala sees Ishita (actually Shaina) with Sahil and gets shocked. He thinks what is Ishita doing with a dangerous don and why is she cheating on Raman. Karan meets Ruhi in order to explain his innocence. But she misunderstands him and slaps him for supporting Rohan. She tells Karan that she was trusting him for a while, but now she knows she can never be trusted.

Bala thinks that Ishita is in danger and whats to find out the truth. He tries to inform Raman that this Ishita is some imposter and not real Ishita. But Ishita (Shaina) stops him before he could tell anything to Raman. At the same time, Ishita (Shaina) manipulates Raman by showing her love. Raman gets glad that everything is fine. Bala wnats to find a chance to inform Raman about possible danger with fake Ishita.

At the same time, Sahil gets revengeful against Ishita’s mother, who insults her and also speaks ill of Muskaan. He wants to destory Bhalla family. Bala thinks to find a proof against Ishita and then expose her. He tries to gather a big evidence via CCTV footage that can expose Ishita and Sahil’s relationship. Bala tries to expose Ishita’s aka Shaina’s truth that she isn’t Ishita, but an imposter.

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