Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27 December 2018 Written Update YHM Written Episode

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2018 Written Episode

Today’s (27.12.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Raman and Ishita tell Mr. Iyer that Nisha has confessed her crimes and now there are no allegations on him. Raman feels bad for Mr Iyer’s state and tries his best to cheer him up. Ishita likes Raman’s honest efforts and tells him that he is the best son-in-law.

Raman tells her that she is the Secret Santa since he has put her chit in the bowl. Rohan talks to Sudha on phone. Ruhi gets angry on him for stealing the phone and scolds him for it. Sudha overhears Ruhi insulting Karan. She also gets furious. Parmeet assures her that he will destroy the Bhalla family. He decides to ruin the Christmas party of Bhallas.

Raman tells Mr. Iyer to get ready and come for the party. Raman and Ishita get romantic as they make arrangements for the big party in the house. Simmi looks after Rohan and wants him to recover soon. She invites Rohan and Karan in the Christmas party. Karan is not ready as she knows that the Bhallas will insult him. Simmi tells them that none will insult them in the party. Parmeet shares his plan to Sudha and tells her that he will escape from the OT. Sudha tells the doctors to attend him and manages to send him to OT. Parmeet tells Sudha that he is ready to visit the Bhallas and ruin the party. Sudha looks forward to seek revenge from Bhalla with Parmeet’s help. Sudha and Parmeet plan to kidnap Ishita and make her out of their way.

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