Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 September 2015 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  September 2015 Written Update(WU), Latest Story

Today’s episode (29.09.2015) begins with Manoj coming to meet Raman. Raman says everyone has gone to temple and Ishita went to kids’ school. He apologizes for not coming to take Shagun’s update since 15 days. Manoj tells that hehas not yet informed Shagun about Mihir’s arrest and Rinki’s murder, she can’t conceive if she takes stress. Raman asks when will the reports come. Manoj says today evening, we will know if she gets pregnant.

Raman and Manoj talk about Shagun, he tells her likes and her mood swings during Adi’s time. Shagun calls Manoj and she says she is bored at home and will go for work. Manoj says no, I will come home with reports. Raman recalls the similar incident at Adi’s time and how he used to sing song for her to make her get rid of her boredom at home, she used to ask him to continue singing her favourite song. Raman smiles and Manoj tries to stop Shagun at home. Raman takes the phone and sings Tere mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…. Jaane tu ya jaane na………….. Ishita comes and looks on teary eyed.

Shagun tells you still remember it. He says you get peace by this song, stay at home and do as Manoj says. She then agrees. Manoj says you handled her easily, I will leave now take care. They see Ishita there. Manoj apologizes for whatever happened and leaves. Ishita tells Raman that she was talking to Ruhi’s teacher in school, teacher said Ruhi does not look like me, I know Ruhi went on Raman, and she asked me which of my habit matches with Ruhi, I said nothing, I did not give her birth, teacher thought I adopted her, and I said Ruhi adopted me so I have become her Ishi Maa. Raman thinks our child will come in the world soon, who will have all your qualities. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….he silently leaves. She says he has time to sing song for Shagun, and not talk to me, why this change and gets sad.

Mihika talks to Abhishek and tells its 15 days now, why such long time for his bail. Abhishek says its murder case, how can I leave Mihir, he is prime suspect. She says its your mistake as you could not catch the real culprit and because of that an innocent man is there. He says Mihir is there for a reason, court will judge if he is innocent, I am just doing my duty. She cries and defends Mihir.

She says Mihir is silent as he is innocent, did he say anything, nothing, he is broken as Raman feels Mihir killed Rinki, Raman is not trusting him, please get him bailed. He tells that is he having fun by keeping him in jail, I can’t help, you know judicial system, I am sorry, I am helpless. She argues and he says this is not fair, whats my fault, I m your friend, this does not mean you behave in such a manner. She says thanks for clearing my misunderstanding ACP Sir, I will behave as a stranger. She leaves. He says she won’t understand.

Ashok and Suraj are having a talk at home about Raman and Mihir’s Ram Laxman Jodi breaking up, Raman’s heart did not melt for Mihir till now. Suraj says Raman’s sister died and he doubts Mihir killed her. Ashok says but Mihir is Shagun’s brother, I wonder why did she not do anything, does she know it or not. Suraj says we want this deal, focus on business. Ashok says you manage it, this is more important, Shagun will not be quiet, I will go and apply tadka in Raman’s life, all the best. He leaves. Suraj wonders what will happen of this Ashok.

Manoj is nervous as its Shagun’s report and checks it. He gets glad seeing its positive and tells the nurse. Ashok comes there and looks on. Manoj asks nurse to get flowers and cake ready, he will give this good news to Shagun. Ashok asks what good news. Manoj tells him to leave. Ashok says chill, I want to know if this news is related to Shagun. Manoj asks him to just leave. Ashok leaves and says this doctor got much attitude, what can be good news about Shagun, I have to meet Shagun to know about it.

Ashok then comes to meet Shagun and says you look fine, I thought you are ill. She says get lost. He says I am always concerned for you and he is surprised that she is  at home. She says just leave, I don’t want to hear. He asks about Mihir. She asks what happened to him. He asks did they hide this, Mihir is in jail since 15 days. She gets shocked. He says Rinki is murdered and blame is on Mihir, Raman has blamed him, that’s so sad, tv and papers have this news, so where are you, did you not see. She cries and leaves to see Mihir.

Mihika comes home. Ishita asks are you fine. Mihika says its 15 days, Mihir is still in jail, I tried to get bail for him, its frustrating, if Raman .can .. Ishita says you know Raman, he is not listening, I tried a lot. Mihika says its so unfair, Mihir is innocent. Ishita says I know, but situation is not in our hands, I am going to meet Mihir, will you come along. Mihika asks her to go. Ishita hugs her and asks her to take care. She leaves. Mihika says I wish Mihir had any loved one, who would get him bail.

Shagun meets Abhishek and asks how can he put Mihir in jail. Ishita comes there and looks on. Abhishek says he has murder charge on him. Shagun says he is my brother, he can’t do this. Manoj comes there. Shagun shouts and faints. Abhishek asks anyone to get water. Manoj says stress is not good for her, she is pregnant. Ishita gets shocked. Manoj sprinkles water on Shagun and makes her drink water. He asks is she mad if anything happened to her, she is forgetting she is pregnant. Abhishek asks shall I call ambulance. Manoj says no need, I m a doctor. He takes Shagun from there. Ishita hides and thinks. She says Shagun is pregnant, whose child is this?



Raman says he lost Rinki, and also his baby, now this baby is the last hope. He begs to Shagun to take care of baby. She says I will take care of baby, but please free Mihir from jail.

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