Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest news: Shocking revelation for Aaliya ahead

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein upcoming twists, YHM gossips

Fans of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) will have to gear up for high voltage drama and major twists in the coming episodes.

It would be seen that Shaina (as Ishita) tries to take diamonds from Kiran but she refuses to give them to Ishita. Shaina threatens Kiran about her kids and tells her to worry about them and not the diamonds. She warns Kiran not to tell Shagun about the diamonds. She informs her about cameras in both Iyer and Bhalla house. Kiran is shocked to see Ishita’s changed behaviour.

At the same time, Aaliya meets Rohan and thanks him for helping her out with the stall for her project. Yug gets upset with Karan that he invited Aaliya for dinner and they get into an heated argument. Karan tells the truth that Yug was sent in Aaliya’s life to separate Rohan and Aaliya. He tells Yug to handle Aaliya. Rohan and Aaliya overhear their argument and get much shocked. Aaliya is unable to believe that Yug is not Adi and that Yug is an imposter pretending to be Adi. She apologizes to Rohan who had warned her many times earlier that Yug is an fraud. Rohan confesses his love for her. She makes a promise to Rohan that she will always be with him. Unfortunately, all of this end up being Rohan’s dream. But he is sure that it would turn into reality.

Further, Raman follow Ishita (Shaina) and spots her meeting Shamshad to give the diamond to him. He checks her phone but Shaina stops him. She goes to stay with Kiran to avoid Raman and his questions. Simmi tries to tells the truth about Shaina to Raman but Shaina stops her. She warns Simmi to think about her family before revealing the truth.

Also, Yug gets tensed as he gets more threatening message from the secret blackmailer. Raman tries to ask him in order to help him but Yug hides his problems. He takes Ruhi and Aaliya for the charity dinner. He wants to stay around Aaliya and protect her.

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