Yeh Hai Mohabbatein spoiler – Shagun’s suicide and new horror twist in story

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In the upcoming episode of Star Plus serial “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” it will be seen that Shagun gets sad and jumps from the cliff after her insult by Ishita and Bhalla family.

Ishita tries to stop Shagun, but Shagun doesn’t listen and falls down the terrace. There is a heated argument between the two. Ishita apologizes to Shagun for misunderstanding her. Shagun in a fit of rage falls from the terrace to take revenge from Ishita. She feels bad as all the Bhalla family thinks her wrong. She has died with the heir of Bhalla family in her womb. This is shocking twist of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Ishita gets in shock after knowing Shagun committing suicide. Raman, Mihir and Abhishek reach there. Ishita tells Raman about Shagun jumping off. This is actual Shagun conspiracy to take revenge from Ishita. ACP Abhishek would be helping Shagun. Shagun will not die so soon, and will give birth to the baby, very far from Bhalla family.

It has to be seen how Shagun really dies after delivering the baby. There is possibility in the track changes about the baby and leap.

Ishita wakes up in the night and looks on shockingly at the reflection in her room. She looks at the clock which stops at the time of Shagun’s death. Ishita feels something wrong is going to happen with her, and feels Shagun is after her.

Shagun has committed suicide and her soul has returned to take revenge from her. Mrs. Iyer tells Ishita that two deaths have happen in the house, and third person might die in the house too. Ishita is scared.

Shagun’s soul/ghost will enter Ishita and Raman will be shocked to see Ishita in scary avatar.

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