Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka spoilers: Aman learns Sameer is already married BUT

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka latest news and upcoming story

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka on Star Plus. Dadi calls Tabeezi home after seeing Praveen’s condition getting worse. Tabeezi tells that Praveen is facing death and they should get Aman (Vikram Singh Chauhan) married to Ayana at the earliest in order to save Praveen. Aman does not like Roshni (Aditi Sharma) but gets ready to marry her for his mother’s sake. He controls his anger for Roshni and goes to meet her.

He is shocked to see Roshni’s pre-wedding rituals. He sees Sameer’s home address on the wedding card and goes to meet him. He meets Sameer and requests him not to marry Roshni and tells him why he wants to marry Roshni for the sake of his mom’s life. Sameer laughs at him and does not believe him. He thinks Aman is just some crazy lover of Roshni and kicks him out of the house.

Aman finds out that Sameer is already married with a kid and gets shocked. He decides to tells the truth to Roshni. He goes to meet Roshni but meets Salma who further creates more misunderstandings between Roshni and him. Salma tells him that Roshni is already aware that Sameer is a married man. She says that Sameer will be leaving his first wife and keep Roshni very happy. She says that Sameer has paid them lot of money to marry Roshni. Aman thinks that Roshni is a very greedy person and has no value for relations. Tabeezi tells Aman that he has very less time to marry Roshni. Aman gets determined to marry Roshni at any cost to save his mom.

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