Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26 March 2018 Written Episode, YPNTKH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26th March 2018 Written Update, Yeh Pyar Nahin Toh Kya Hai Written Episode

Today’s (26.03.2018) Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai episode starts with Prabhakar and Reddy are having breakfast together and discussing a business deal at rao’s house. Sri joins them and says Oh Prabhakar uncle, you look better, Reddy says he is used to taking problems for us.

Rao infroms Sri that Siddhant has come to meet him, he is suprissed, Mrs. Reddy says its good Rao and Prabhakars will have breakfast together, Sri’s wife joins us too, Sri taunts how can Siddhant come unannounced, his wife tell him not to be cranky and wish people good morning, Siddhant enters the room and says good morning to KK, Sri tells him, i didn’t call you, we could meet at home, Siddhant says i didn’t come to see you, my father forgot his meds, Reddy says you did good, Reddy says joins us for breakfast, he says no, prabhakar tells Siddhnat to join as reddy is insisting, Rao asks what should i get for you, he says parathas, all are shocked, reddy asks where are you working, hat is your success rate, he says 1005. reddy asks how many cases have you handled, he says 36, Anushka sees Siddhant and is not quite happy, she sits next to him, they both look at each other, she goes to pick a bowl on table, he also takes the same bowl, they hare a look, she asks prabhakar uncle, how many cases have you fought, he says 3000, she looks at Siddhant, Siddhant says i have to leaves, he looks at her upset while leaving.

Reddy tells Prabhakar that your son should join us, he is very talented, he can go a long way, he is our son, prabhakar says i think he is not reddy yet, he is still immature, let me learn, Reddy, tells Anushka what do you say, she says i will go by prabhakar’s decision, siddhant overhears this as he has come back to take his keys, he goes next to Anushka to take his keys and is again upset with her words, he walks out and is quite unhappy.

Anushka’s younger brother is talking about a business idea in front of his employees and launching Reddy Hoslitality, he sees Anushka is lost and asks Anu where are you lost, he says i thought you are interested in my venture, but you didn’t hear anything. She says sorry, i am not focused today. He says its OK, He says i heard about morning gossips, where you didn’t let Siddhant come in the office, already prabahkar is there and now Siddhant hwho thinks so much about himself, she says i didn’t do anything, i just don’t want to judge, he says i like your style, you did good, she is wondering about her brother’s reactions.

She gets a flashback from college days where they are playing a game for trusting someone, in flashback, she is seen going to Siddhant and tries the game with Siddhant, she close her eyes and falls backwards, siddhant holds her, he says what are you doing, he says gets up, what are you doing, you are so fat, Anu says this was experiment, he tells her to leave this extra class soon.

Siddhnat and Anushka are both thinking about morning conversation where Anushka is saying that siddhant is not ready and immature. Siddhant says anyone can think i am immature, but i have the right not to listen to it and prove them wrong.

He comes back home, his mother tells him to have breakfast, he says now i will do things in right way, he first has bath, prays and then eats breakfast, parbhakar and his wife are surprised to see this change, his sister also notices it, she is stunned too, prabhakar gets ready to go to work, siddhant says can i get a lift as my work in in your way. His father says sure, his mother is happy to see him join his father.

Siddhant asks his father about the morning conversation. Prabhakar tells Siddhant that i said not to Reddy to hire you as she was offering you a job since you are my son, Siddhant says then one day when he hires me for my talent, then would you agrees i am a good lawyer, then you will not refuse, right.

Siddhant is determined to prove himself and get the job in Reddy corporation on the basis of his candidature.


Siddhant and Anushka have a tennis match, she says my brother’ friend was having drugs not him, she blames he can do anything for his motives, he challenges her that he will set her brother free, no matter what he has to do for it.

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