Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 January 2019 Episode Written Update YRKKH

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2019 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Today’s (11.01.2019) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode starts with Naksh likes Kirti’s jealousy as she asks him about the girl who has worked with him. He teases her more by telling her the girl loved him a lot, she used to hug him and was very pretty. too. He then reveals that its was an old lady. He clarifies to her that he belongs to her only.

Kartik comes up with an interesting idea to prove his love for Naira. Manish and Akhilesh get shocked as Kartik creates a scene when he comes with a baby bump in front of their clients. Akhilesh sends away the guests away Dadi scolds Kartik and asks him if if he has gone mad to have a baby bump like Naira. Naira thinks Kartik is really mad and says sorry to him. Manish gets much upset with Kartik for his mad move which got them humiliated in front of others. Kartik tells them that he was trying this to know what is Naira going through.

Naira gets the same nightmare again and gets tensed. Kartik tries to distract her mind and thinks of taking Naira for a babymoon. He puts Naira to sleep. Kartik meets the doctor and tells about Naira’s troubling nightmares. Doctor tells him that maybe its stress or fears hat affecting Naira’s mind. He tells take Naira to another place for change of mind. He suggests the place where Kartik can have good medical facilities. Kartik gets ready to take off for the babymoon. He surprises Naira with the babymoon plans. Naira doesn’t want to go away from home. He tells her that he will take permission from Dadi too. He also thinks Naksh and Kirti to come along too. Kartik and Naira meet the family and tell about their babymoon plan Manish and Dadi donot like the plan. Naksh and Kirti also take permission from elders regarding the babymoon, Devyaani allowthem to go and enjoy, but they have to take care of the baby. Kartik tells Dadi that doctor had suggested the trip for Naira. He promises to take care of Naira and Kirti.

Naira and Kirti assure elders that they will call them up if there is any issue. Dadi tells Naira that the Rakshasutra will protect her. Bhabhimaa too does the rituals for Kirti and baby’s protection. The elders show their concern and love in their own ways. Naira gets happy thinking she will be taking baby on the very first trip. Dadi and Manish ask them to come back home soon. Aditya is with his girlfriend with a new plan. He is cheating Vaishali after promising to get married to her. Naira tells the baby that they will enjoy well on the way. She wants to have spicy food.

Kartik doesn’t want her to keep such demands. She tells him that she will tell Dadi if he troubles her. Manish and family plan surprise for the coming baby in Kartik and Naira’s absence. Aditya tells his girlfriend that he will not attend any work calls and spend time with her. Kirti misses to see Aditya with the new girl. Kirti tells Naira to stop at the dhaba and freshen up. Naira tells Kirti that she will meet her at the resort directly. Kartik and Naira stop at the resort. Naira sees Aditya with a new girl. Kartik plans a nice surprise for Naira.

Kartik and Naira will fall in trouble and meet with an accident.

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