Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 August 2019 Written Update

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKHH) on Star Plus. Dadi is very upset and sad that Kartik left his wedding and went to meet Kairav. She tells Manish that Kairav has become more important to Kartik than them. She does now know why Kartik is longing for Kairav so much and what relation they have.

Dadi does not know how to face Vedika as she had assured Vedika that Kartik will accept her after the marriage. She feels guilty of doing injustice with Vedika. Everyone is angry with Kartik’s rash behaviour. Dadi wants to get back Kartik for marrying Vedika and decides to go to the hospital.

Kartik is much happy to see Naira is alive but has many questions. He thinks where she stayed for five years. He sheds tears as he regrets that his one question had ruined their lives and got them separated. Lisa comes to check on Naira and tell her about Kairav’s surgery. She thanks Kartik for saving Kairav’s mother. Kartik tells Lisa that she is Naira, his wife. In that moment, he gets to know that Naira is Kairav’s mother. He is much hurt to know that Naira had kept his son away from him for so long.

Naira gets conscious and faces Kartik’s anger. Kartik tells her how much he blamed himself after losing her. He questions her how could she stay away from the family and lied to them about her death.

He gets much upset that she didn’t lose her memory and still stayed away intentionally. He goes away from her. Naira is happy to have met Kartik but is afraid too. Kartik loses his gets angry remembering his journey with Naira. He acts weird and suggests a man at the hospital not to cry for his dead wife as she could be back alive after some years. The man who is mourning for his dead wife gets angry with Kartik and asks him if he has lost his mind for saying something like this. Kartik think about Kairav and wants to meet him as she has lost so much time with him. Kartik’s behaviour gets hyper and the doctor takes to stabilize him.

Naira regrets her mistake and wants to apologize to Kartik. She sees that Kartik is unwell and blames herself for his state. Kartik sees her and gets angry. She hides from him again seeing him angry. She goes to meet Pallavi to find out about Kairav.

Kairav waits for his mother and father. He thinks to go and check if they are outside. Pallavi calls Naira to tell her about Kairav’s surgery process. Sanjivani doctors Dr. Juhi and Dr. Sid will be performing Kairav’s surgery. Kairav gets happy to sees Naira and Kartik.

Goenka and Singhania family come to the hospital to see Kairav and meet Kartik. Kartik tells his family that Kairav is his own son. Everyone is surprised with his claim. Manish tells Kartik not to play riddles and tell the truth clearly. He asks Kartik who is Kairav’s mother. Kartik reveals Naira to them. Everyone is shocked to see Naira is alive. Naira tells them that Kairav is her son. The family condemns her decision and asks her how could she lie to fake about her death and stay away from them all these years. Bhabhimaa slaps Naira for hurting everyone and giving them so much pain.

There will be a Maha Episode on this Saturday which will see Kartik and Naira coming together and praying for their son Kairav’s recovery.

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