Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 13 February 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13.02.2017 Written Update WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (13th FEbruary 2017) starts with Gayu and Mishti helping Naira. Naira says I can’t believe its really happening. Gayu says everything will be happy in your marriage. Rajshri says how to do Mamabhaath ritual. Anshu and Shaurya are not here. Varsha says don’t worry, I called Shaurya. Akhilesh asks Mansi is she ready to go for mehendi ritual. Mansi says I m scared to go that house.

He says that man did not come since long, forget him, come. Mansi shows the tattoo stickers which can be applied instead Mehendi. Dadi scolds her. Mansi says Naira has sent this, she said these sticks will look like mehendi. Surekha asks what will Naira apply. Dadi says she will apply mehendi.

Vishwamber says Shaurya called, he can’t come. Varsha says he should have understood, its imp to come here. Vishwamber says he is unwell, and can’t come, he was making work excuse. Rajshri says don’t know what Naira’s inlaws will say. He says we should talk to Naitik. Rajshri prays.

Dadi asks why did you get mehendi, I told you I will get organic mehendi. Baisa says its good, Naira will get blessings of both families. Kartik comes and smiles. Bau ji compliments him. Gayu asks for Kirti. Suwarna says she is coming with Aditya. Kirti and Aditya come. Dadi praises Aditya. She asks them to make sure that this does not happen again. Baisa says Naira is sensible, she will not do this again. Dadi tells soin in law’s importance, see how Manish talks to Aditya.

Manish says giving respect is imp. Naitik says respect should be in heart, not in words, Naira will not do anything like that. Lav and Kush ask them to play music. Dadi says wait, there is Mamabhaath mahurat, it shows how much Naniyaal loves the girl. Rajshri apologizes to Naitik. Varsha says I spoke to Shaurya, he is in pain. Naitik says Goenkas will not come between our relations, we know Shaurya would have come if he could. Naira and Gayu hear this and think what will happen now.

Mishti shows tattoos to Kartik and says Naira chose this. He asks will she apply tattoo, its her wish. Dadi hears this and says Surekha, did you hear same, no this can’t happen. Gayu gets Naira. Kartik sees her and smiles. Kirti and everyone tease him. Naira takes everyone’s blessings. Naira passes by Kartik. She hugs Kirti. She sees Aditya.

Dadi asks where is girl’s Mama, call him and start the rasam. Baisa asks Varsha to call Shaurya. Dadi asks is there any problem. Naira asks can we make Varsha do this ritual. Dadi asks what’s this new acting Naira, is this necessary, call Shaurya. Bau ji says he went Delhi for imp work. Manish says he should have come, we also do work, but profit and loss can be thought in everything. Vishwamber says Shaurya got unwell. Dadi says he made health excuse. Varsha says not excuse, he is really unwell.

Dadi says what to do now, I told you before, I will not compromise in rasams. Kartik asks Dadi to leave it. Dadi says don’t get in this. He asks what to do now. Naitik says Kartik be quiet, its elders’ matter. Dadi says they are not able to do one rasam, Shaurya should have told this before.

Naira says sorry, its not Shaurya’s mistake, he would have left work, he is ill, he did not tell anyone about his ill health, Varsha can do the rasam, when one can’t reach, other does the duty. Naksh says Naira is right, its better that Varsha does the rasam. Naitik says accept our request, let Varsha do the rasam.

Kartik asks where to sit, tell me, we will start rasam. Manish asks Dadi to agree to them. Dadi agrees. Varsha does the rituals. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……… Rajshri and Vishwamber give them gifts. Surekha says they did all arrangements well as per our choice. Suwarna says they have two relations with Kartik.

Dadi says you always take their side. Varsha thanks them for giving them this chance, for not differentiating between bahu and daughter. Dadi says if son and bahu are equal, why would be be different, some differences don’t end. Mishti says we can start mehendi now. Aditya adds wine in juice glass and drinks.

Dadi tells about the famous mehendi designer. She sees Naira with the tattoos. Naira says I will tell clearly that I will not do the thing which I don’t like. Dadi hears this and goes. Gayu says its about dance academy, we should wait for sometime. Dadi misunderstands Naira. Surekha says everything went wrong, that mehendi designer is not coming.

Dadi asks why, what will we do now. She scolds Surekha. She turns and sees Singhania ladies hearing them. Baisa says it won’t be a problem, we all know to apply mehendi. Nandini promises to not let the rasam spoil.

Dadi says Naira will get mehendi first, she does not like it, so she is going to apply tattoo, but rasam is rasam. Surekha asks Dadi to tell Naira. Dadi says if I say, Kartik will take Naira’s side, I heard her talking to her sister. Suwarna says she can’t say that. Dadi asks her not to anger her more. They see Naira and Mishti with mehendi tattoo designs. Dadi asks are you stopping her, or shall I stop her, I won’t tolerate this. She goes to Naira.

Naira and Kartik dance on Aai shubh ghadi…… Aditya holds Naira’s waist. Naira shouts Aditya ji and raises hand. Naksh beats Aditya.

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