Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 14 January 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2017 Written Update WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (14.01,2017) starts with Kartik saying if we miss each other, we will cheat a lot. Naira asks him to think about doing detox. He says we will do it now. They come out of the car windows, and smile. They hug. Chukar gai……plays…..They hold each other and have an eyelock. They sit back in the cars, and give flying kisses to each other. Yahan wahan…..plays………….. They leave.

Gayu goes to Naksh and says I also have similar list. Naksh says time is running. Naira will go her inlaws home soon. Gayu says yes, when I saw her today, I felt like crying, she will leave us. He says I will miss her a lot. She says me too. He says your prince charming will take you, Mishti will also go, I will be left here. She says you will also marry someone’s
sister and get her home. He asks her to go. She teases him and goes. He sees the bracelet piece stuck in his watch.

Aditya argues with Kirti for attending Kartik’s engagement. He says I will do a lot when right time comes, think and sit what I can do, be ready to see my courage. Naira dances and collides with Gayu. Gayu pulls her leg. Naira says I decided something special. Kartik says yes, special, did you see love marriage changing to arranged marriage. Kirti, Priyanka and Mansi say yes. Kartik says Naira and I decided to stay as arranged marriage couple and stay away. Kirti asks won’t it be tough. He says it will be bit tough, we can do anything for our love. They laugh.

Naira asks why are you laughing. Gayu says you both can’t do this. Kartik asks why. Kirti says you find answers. Naira says you say. Priyanka says sorry, you will know it soon. They go. Kartik says we will do it. Naira says we will show them.

Kartik massages Dadi’s legs. Dadi smiles. He says its not your age to run around, you will be tired. She asks shall I not see my dream getting fulfilled, I will rest after your marriage. She says I don’t want to miss any moment. He says you love me a lot, after my mum died, you supported me, I know you can do anything for me. She massages his head. He says we will play this game. She says this round mark on your head is like your grandpa. He asks her to think of grandpa any way. She says I miss him in good moments. He asks her love story, what did Dada ji do to convince you. She gets shy and laughs. He says please tell me how was your love story.

She says elders used to decide life partner, I did not know his name, I heard of him and my heart made an image of him, this was our love story. He says its interesting, what happened then, was Dada ji like that image. She says no, he was more handsome. He teases her. She asks him to go. He says arranged marriage.

Mishti asks why two Lord idol. Bau ji says you got this one idol for Krishna. Naksh says yes, one is for temple and other for Krishna. Naira thinks I can see Kartik son. Mishti says Lord can also catch bad sight. Bhabhimaa says no, lord’s bad sight catches humans. She sounds upset. Everyone go. Gayu says I think Bhabhimaa is annoyed with Lord. Naksh says some times forgiveness lessens pain.
Lav and Kush ask Kartik why did he decide to stop talking to Naira. Kirti asks Mansi to talk to Gayu on video call. Kartik thinks I can see Naira on video call. Gayu and Mishti talk on video call. Kartik tries to see Naira by making excuses. Kirti asks Gayu is there color theme for Ganesh sthapana puja. Gayu says no, I m wearing white. Naira also tries to see Kartik. Everyone laugh. They end the video call. Kartik says it does not look good to end call soon, talk to them. Kirti says we had the talk, how long should I talk. They laugh and go. Kartik says Naira loves white…

Everyone get ready. Naira comes. Devyaani says we shall leave. Bau ji says Naitik and I are going to meet Manish. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to call her when everything gets done well. Naira says when we are annoyed with someone, we don’t get anything back, Lord snatched our beloved thing, we all accepted it, except you, why are you annoyed with Lord, leave anger and end this annoyance, come with us. Bhabhimaa says its not easy, you all go. They all leave.

Everyone reach the temple. They greet Goenkas. Naira looks for Kartik. Naira takes Dadi’s blessings. Suwarna stumbles. Naira holds the shagun plate. Suwarna looks at her and recalls Akshara and her moment. She thanks Naira for saving everything. Kirti says thank God, it did not happen in front of Dadi. Mansi says Dadi would have scolded Suwarna. Dadi comes inside temple and sees arrangements.

Naksh gives bracelet piece to Kirti. She says thanks, this is my fav, its my mum’s bracelet, I was upset that day when this broke, thanks. He says you are welcome. Kartik comes wearing white clothes. Naira smiles seeing him. Yeh rishta…..plays…………. Naksh hugs him and asks about his clothes. Kartik says white is my fav color. Priyanka says then blue will be Naira’s fav color. They smile.

Kartik and Naira sit in puja and talk that they are liking this detox phase. Dadi and everyone get shocked seeing the wrong idol. Bhabhimaa is at home and gets shocked seeing the wrong idol. She thinks they took the wrong idol to temple. Rajshri says this idol is wrong. Devyaani says we checked the idol when we left from home. She asks Naksh to go and get other idol. Dadi says puja started, don’t send him, tell someone else or wait for puja to get completed.

Dadi asks Naksh when will idol come. Bhabhimaa stops herself from lifting the idol. 

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