Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke update: Kuhu accepts divorce

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke latest news, YRHPK upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) gets sad thinking about his Mehul as he thinks that his father has misunderstood his entire family on the basis of one bad incident. He wants to tells Mehul that Kunal (Ritvik Arora) is not a bad person.

He sees Mishti’s (Rhea Sharma) letters and misses her badly. Mishti also misses him. Mehul asks Abir to meet Mishti and sort out the problems between them. He asks Abir to think about marriage. Abir knows that Mishti will never get respect in his family if he marries her against his family’s will. He wants to give her a good life and lots of happiness. He does not want to hurt his mother either and gets in a dilemma over making a choice between Mishti and his family.

Mishti is worried about telling Kuhu’s divorce to Varsha. She thinks that Varsha should know about it. She goes to tell Vasrha who attends Kuhu’s call. Kuhu pretends to be normal and asks Varsha about coming home. Mishti does not say anything to Varsha and changes the topic. She thinks that Kuhu might want to tell the divorce news herself to her mum and everyone. She waits for Kuhu to come home.

Kuhu tries to remain strong but cries in front of Abir as she pours her heart out. She tells him that she wants to go home and be with her loved ones. Kuhu sees Kuhu crying and feels guilty. He does not want to be in a unwanted marriage.

Kuhu says sorry to Abir for framing Mishti by coming under KUnal’s influence. Abir tells Kuhu not to pamper Kunal especially when he is wrong. Kuhu gtes ready to go to her Maheshwari house. Meenakshi and Parul see Kuhu leaving with bags and get worried. Kuhu tells them that everything is OK and she is come back soon. Meenaskhi gets worried about the family. Abir feels responsible for Kuhu. He wants to meet Mishti and explain her situation but she is not sure about meeting him. Kuhu tells Mishti that Kunal had told her about divorce on the marriage day itself.

Later, Kuhu accepts Kunal’s divorce plea unhappily.

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