Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke update: Kuhu plans Neha and Kabir wedding event

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In the coming episodes of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke (YRHPK) we would see that it would be revealed that Kuhu has started her event management company and takes Neha (Helly Shah) and her love Kabir’s wedding event.

Varsha speaks to Kuhu and asks her how can Abir move on so soon from Mishti and marry another girl. Kuhu tells her that is not the case but Varsha tells her that they have seen it in the selfie. Soon, Kuhu realizes her big mistake wit name error on the wedding banner. Kuhu puts Abir’s name instead of Kabir on the wedding banner. She informs Maheshwaris that Neha is marrying Kabir. She worries that Neha would be much upset to see Abir’s name on the board. Kunal helps her out by rectifying the banner He wants Kuhu’s event to be successful. Abir wants to fulfill Neha’s wishes by getting SRK for sangeet. Everyone dances happily while Abir hides his sadness. Parul notices his sadness and feels guilty. Abir misses Mishti and makes a painting which he gifts to Nanu.

Kunal gets a thank you note from Kuhu. Kuhu and Kunal will be getting divorced soon. Kuhu doe snot tell her family yet as they are still recovering from Mishti’s painful break up.

Further, Kuhu and Abir have a hit and miss moment at a cafe. Mishti orders the food, which gets served to Abir. Mishti claims her food dish and leaves a note for Abir. Abir senses Mishti’s around. Mishti also feels his presence around. Abir gets Mishti’s note and finds it sweet. He thinks of meeting the person who wrote the note. Abir will return in Mishti’s life as they will come together an NGO project.

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