Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 12 September 2017 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Written Update 12th September 2017, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12 September 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (12.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai episode starts with Sameer lets the boy go and walks past Naina and Naina looks at him (background song plays.. yeh un dinon ki baat hai). Naina walks upto her class in sameer’s thoughts and the other classmates look at her. She writes her poem on the board and everyone is surprised.  

Swati asks Naina what has happened to you, she says why have you written this poem, Naina says when did i write this.

Narrator Naina says that day Kabir’s poem i wrote but i don’t remember what made me do that.

Swati says i know this is Kabir’s poem but why have you written this. Naina says i don’t know.

A man is in the bus to ahmedabad and gets into an argument with bus folks.

Narrator Naina introduces her father Rakesh and says my father is always angry and complains about everyone milkman, conductor or anybody. Naina’s brother gets down the bus and his father sees him helping old lady. He complains that he cannot take care of his trophy which was dropping from the bag. He gives him gyaan about being always first in the life’s race.

Naina’s teacher is taking the class, sameer is walking in school corridor. he enters the class and all the girls look at him, Swati says he looks like a Hero, teacher introduces Sameer Maheshwari. Naina stands up and says i have got answer to your question Mam. teachers tells Sameer to take seat, Naina looks at him while he walks past her. Teacher says good Naina, you have found the answer first, Pandit says Naina is a good guide.

Principal Pandey is worried about school discipline. A teacher gives a advice. principal comes to Naina’s class and says i am looking for class monitor who is very responsible. he says Naina will be head monitor and says this girl is very good in studies and other activities. Pandey gives wrong ideas to sameer while Principal is praising her. Principal asks her to pledge that she will be a responsible Head monitor and do her duty without any biasness. Pandey says she is teachers pet.

Narrator Naina says i was happy i was being praised in front of Sameer and i could also notice him smile, i don’t know why.

Rakesh gets into a argument with rickshaw guy over change, then he gets into argument with iron guy.

School bell rings, teacher tells Naina to explain all the rules and regulations of the school and also tell him where to find school text books. She calls Naina and asks him to take her help.

Narrator Naina says a gujarati saying that how teacher (destiny) gave her opportunity to get closer to sameer.

naina goes to sameer and calls his name, she gives him lest of text books, he doesn’t get the hindi names of book, she tries to explain him, he says OK OK, i have got it.

Narrator Naina says Sameer insulted me, if it was another guy i would have not taken it, but then he had his magic on me.

Taiji tells Chachi to take care of things as some guy is coming to see Pooja for marriage. Pooja is worried about her looks and hairstyle. Naina’s father Rakesh meets Tauji and says how his son has won a match and trphy. Chacha says this boy will become gavaskar. Tauji complains that what will we do, we were not called for match, he says you didn’t even call us. Chacha tells Rakesh that someone will come to see Pooja now and he should freshen up.

Taiji and Chachi get into sweet bitter talks while taking care of house.

A male teacher enter the class and informs Naina and Sameer have been called in principal’s room. Pandey says Naina is stuck to you, you are sent everywhere with her. Niana looks at sameer as he walking (dil deewana bin sajna ke plays in background). She tells him that his shoelaces are out, he ties them up, while she makes a wish seeing pigeon feather, the father flies towards sameer, he also makes a wish.

Taiji is hosting people who have come to se Pooja for her marriage. The man says we like your daughter. Rakesh comes and Chacha introduces the man. Rakesh remembers the guy with whom he had fought in the bus. The man says we had liked your girl but not now, he says the girl who’s uncle is such a rude guy, we cannot have the girl married in our house. He says asks your brother what happened. Pooja cries says because of such relatives i will never marry, the guy’s profile was so nice, he had a car too, how will you ever marry.

Sameer enters the classroom. The boys complain that Sameer fought with them as he lost in the basket ball game. sameer says i didn’t do it. The boys says he is lying. The Principal asks Sameer you are new boy and you don’t know school rules, don’t lie.

The Boys say Naina is our witness, Naina is in dilemma as she is just a head monitor now and other side there was Sameer for whom he had feelings. Sameer recollects how Pandey said Naina is very obident and teacher’s pet.


Naian’s legs get stuck in her cycle, Sameer helps her, she says thank you, he just leaves without saying anything, She is sad.

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