Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai 04 May 2018 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai 04th May 2018 Written Update, YUDKBH Written Episode

Today’s (06.05.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with Vishakha thinking what is wrong with Sameer these days, Dadi says he has gotten into a habit of running away,he ran away from the hostel now from here.Vishakha says no there was no anger in his voice,he is sad he is sufferening, I made a mistake by bringing him here, but he feels very lonely in this house.Sameer’s dad says we wish him to mix up with the family but he doesn’t by his own will, Dadi says this is rude to say but he is a bad luck for everyone.His nanaji died ,now you are unwell,Vishakha says enough now if you say anything more then I will forget that you are older than me and I might even insult you.

Vishakha calls Sameer and tells him a story.She tells him that when I was getting married to Rohan’s dad,I cried because I was worried for you,but then nanaji said he will take care of you,and he did.He played the role of a mother and a father, I was never worried about you when you used to be at his place but now that he is gone I am so worried about you.Mothers are always concerned for their kids and I had promised nanaji taht I will always keep you happy.All of tried adjusting here, I know you gave your best,but I can’t let you stay unhappy like this. You got this confidence,self belief and joyful personality from your nanaji but now that you are staying here,you are losing your confidence which I don’t want otherwise I won’t be able to face nanaji when I go to the heavens so I have decided to send you to Ahmedabad,.

Sameer narrates I felt so cool and relaxed just like what we feel after drinking cold milk when we get acidity…..

Naina sees Sameer and Sameer asks her how much will you fool around with me, Naina says I feel very sad now that this is the last day of the school. Right from the first day of the school till today I have come to this school and now its terrible to leave this place.Sameer says I still remember my first day of school I had bumped into you,Naina says I always wanted to tell you that I had fallen in love with you at that very moment but I complained to the principal and I felt so sad.Sameer says wow really?Naina’s dream ends.

Naina wakes up to find no books on the table. Swati says my mom sold all the books and your taiji also did the same.Naina asks her didn’t you feel sad?Swati says no, I felt good actually. Naina says she will tell her taiji to not sell the books.

Arjun’s dad tries to start the scooter but it again has a starting trouble he mutters how Arjun is a big failure and he doesn’t do anything.Arjun sees him leaving from the balcony and sees Shefali so he goes downstairs and tells Shefali that we will go to college in the car.Shefali teaches him how to drive, Arjun feels stressed in between and he says now I can’t do this anymore.Shefali and Arjun take a break. Shefali asks Arjun why he wants to learn driving from her only, she wants to hear that he loves her,but he doesn’t say that.She goes out of the car and hopes he will call her and stop her,but he comes out and tells her to come back or else who will drive the car?Shefali feels angry and she takes a rickshaw and leaves.

At Sameer’s house,Rohan wants to drop Sameer,but dadi scolds him and tells him to study for the unit test. Arjun tells Amrita that he is leaving Delhi for good and going to Ahmedabad. He thanks Amrita for being a good friend and a great support in Delhi. Amrita says always we are great friends. Sameer tells Amrita that he might not meet Naina,Amrita is surprisd.But till then Rohan comes out and says I will drop you,dadi again shouts at him,Rohan cries and stops him and then he says studies can wait for a while,I will drop him. Rohan and Sameer hug each other,Rohan cries.

Sameer narrates that he wanted to go to dadi and say SRK’s Baazigar dialogue- Haar Kar Jitne Walon Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai because she feels me moving out of Delhi was her victory but it was actually her defeat because despite of her viscous plans I got my mother’s love and my siblings’ love.So he was very happy…


Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 07th May 2018 Precap- Ek Doosre se karte hai pyaar hum plays in the bg…Naina enjoys her last day of the school with her classmates….

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