Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Update: Rakesh slaps Sameer and Naina

Sony TV Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai latest news, YUDKBH upcoming story

Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH).

It is seen that Taiji and Rakesh spot Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai) together on Sameer’s bike. Naina’s father Rakesh has never liked Sameer from the school days. Rakesh scolds Sameer and slaps him.

Sameer and Naina’s love story gets known to entire Agarwal family. Rakesh doesn’t let Naina come in between and pushes her away. He angrily slaps Sameer. He gets a stick to beat Sameer. Naina tells her uncle that she did not try to run away with Sameer. Naina also gets slapped by Rakesh. The entire family gets angry on Sameer and are unable to believe that Naina was planning to elope with Sameer.

Sameer regrets for crossing limits. He tells them that he isn’t scared, as he didn’t do any mistake. He tells them that he isn’t bad valued to elope with Naina, he will marry her with everyone’s consent. Tai ji too scolds Naina for ruining the family name and spoil their happiness. They decide to stop Naina from attending college.

What will happen next? What will be the future of Naina and Sameer’s love story? We will have to wait and watch!

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and future story of Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.

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