YRKKH 13 January 2020 update: Goenkas and Kartik go to Naira to celebrate Makar Sankranti

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update: Goenkas miss Naira during Makar Sankranti celebrations

Here’s what will happen in today’s (13.01.2020) episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) on Star Plus. Goenka family misses Naira during Makar Sankranti celebrations. Naira misses them too. Vansh insists to celebrate the festival with Kairav. Kartik feels helpless and tries to make him understand.

Vedika tries to cheer him up by flying kites. Kartik agrees to her. Vedika does not realize that he is not happy. Goenka family also ignores her attempts to connect with them. Kairav also misses Kartik. Naira asks him to go to Goenkas along with the driver but he does not want to go without Naira. Dadi gets upset with Vedika and tells her that she is worse than a enemy. Manish and Suwarna also tell that Vedika has saved Naira and made Kartik her puppet. Vedika hears them as Manish says that Vedika has done very much wrong with Kartik.

Vedika talks to Pallavi and tells her that Goenkas will never accept her. Pallavi tells her not leave her rights on Kartik and not get affected by Naira’s words. Samarth and Gayu take Vansh to Singhanias to celebrate the festival with Kairav. Others also join Naira and Kairav. Naksh finds out that Umesh (Naira’s real kidnaey donor) has left his house and ran away.

Naira celebrates with Goenkas and Kairav. They sing and dance together. She feels Kartik’s presence. Kartik makes a grand entry which makes her happy. However, she sees Vedika with him. Vedika pretends to be thinking Kartik’s emotions.

Naira decides to tell Kartik truth about Vedika’s fake kidney donation drama.

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