Zindagi new shows: Nirmala Spice World, Simply Beautiful, Sasuraal Ki Galli

Zindangi launches “Fursat Ke Pal” – three new shows in afternoon – Timings

Zee Entertainment Limited (Zeel) channel Zindagi has successfully managed to grab the attention of it viewers with hits short and sweet Pakistani dramas in the evening band.

Now, the channel is launching three new shows in the afternoon time called ‘Fursat Ke Pal’ from 1 to 2:30 pm, from 04 May 2015, every Monday to Saturday.

‘Nirmala Spice World’ will air at 1 pm, followed by ‘Simply Beautiful’ at 1:30 pm and ‘Sasuraal Ki Galli’ at 2 pm.

Nirmala’s Spice World’ will be hosted by the original ‘Mistress of Spices’ Nirmala Narine. The show is a culinary adventure that will take viewers into a world of exotic spices from around the globe. Each episode will be deictaed to one particular spice, where Nirmala only unveil the secrets of how it flavours food but also tell viewers about its healing properties.

‘Simply Beautiful’ will be hosted by Roni Proter who will share natural beauty tips with viewers to help them feel and look their best with simple, do-it-yourself healthy alternatives in the world of beauty, fashion and fitness.

‘Sasural Ki Galli’ will be a fiction series which will showcase the journey of self-discovery of a young girl named Meenu.


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