Yeh Hai Mohababtein 29 September 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2017 Written Update, YHM 29 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (29.09.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ruhi and Raman reach home. Raman asks her to go to her room and cry her heart out but at least talk to him. Ruhi says she has no courage to face him now. Ishita and other family members come there and ask what happened. Raman tells them that they caught Nikhil getting intimate with some other girl. Aadi says they told her so many times but she didn’t listen. Mihika says that’s ok and she should have listened to her family as parents are always right when Ishita asks her to stop. Raman says he doesn’t want anyone to talk on this anymore. Aaliya says it’s her fault because Ruhi got to know Nikhil because of her but now she’ll help her get over him.

Raman is sitting in his bedroom when Ishita come there and locks the door. She says she wants to talk to him and that’s why she locked the door. Raman says even he wanted to talk and they both apologize to each other and share a romantic moment.

Next morning, Ishita goes to Ruhi’s room and wakes her up and asks if she is ok. Ruhi says she isn’t able to get over what Nikhil used to say to her, that he had been betrayed in love earlier and he won’t cheat her ever. Ishita says she is just started facing life and these are her lessons. Raman comes there with lemon water and says to her that he doesn’t want to listen about Nikhil anymore if possible.

Raman goes to his room and calls Shagun. Raman tell her that he is worried about Nikhil telling the truth to Ruhi and he is scared that Ishita shouldn’t find out about this. Shagun says she’ll handle things.

Ishita tells Santoshi that she has got three dresses for Pihu, Ananya and Kshitija Simmi says that is not required as Ananya won’t be attending the kanya pooja. Santoshi asks her what she is saying. Ishita says why is she saying so as she is the child of this family. Simmi asks her to not show her fake concern for her. Ishita tries to make her understand but Santoshi asks her to let it be as she is out of her mind and it will be of no use. Simmi says to Santoshi that she loves buttering her daughter in law and when Mr Bhalla tries to talk to her, she stops her and leaves. Ishita says how will they get nine girls when Ruhi says she’ll call Riya and says has no fault in all this drama.

There Nikhil is trying Ruhi’s number but her phone is off. He gets restless to tell the truth to Ruhi when the door bell rings and Nikhil finds the call girl there. She asks him for her money but he asks her to stop her drama and asks who sent her there. She creates a scene there when all the society members come there and make their video. She tells them that she is a call girl but that doesn’t mean he can misbehave with her. She tries to get into his house but he pushes her out when one of the lady calls the secretary who asks him to vacate the house. The girl goes downstairs in the parking where Shagun is waiting for her and gives her the money. Shagun calls Raman to tell him that Nikhil will have to leave the place and now Ruhi won’t be able to meet him. Raman says he was so worried when Ishita walks in and asks why was he worried and he says because of some tender.

Pihu comes with all girls including Riya and they all start with the Pooja. Param walks in and asks Ishita where is Ananya when Santoshi tells him that Simmi is creating a scene and she isn’t letting her attend the Pooja. Param goes in and asks Simmi to let her attend the Pooja but Simmi keeps on denying and peeps out of the door that kids are asking Ishita to hurry up as they have to attend the Pooja at other houses too. When girls are about to leave, Param asks Simmi to let her go as everyone is waiting for Ananya. Simmi walks out with Param and Ananya and gets more irritated and says no one waited for her daughter and it would be Ishita who would’ve hurried up the Pooja.

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