Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 January 2018 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2018 Written Update, YHM Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (11.01.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbaatein episode starts with Ruhi saying I had to lie about Ishita, I owe a lot to Simmi, I had to return this favor to Parmeet, if Simmi wasn’t there that night, don’t know what would have happened. FB shows Ruhi and Nikhil coming to a hotel room. She says I don’t like coming to a hotel for meet. He asks her to sit. He says we love each other, your mum has gone to jail too. He asks her to have a drink for the sake of their love. She refuses. He reminds her what they have gone through for their love. She says I remember everything, things aren’t the same, Ananya is no more, Ishita is in jail, dad is getting unwell, I just need some time, let me go home. He says fine, just one drink, we will play some music. He tries to get close to her.

She asks him what is he doing. He tries to molest her. She kicks him away. Fire catches there. She asks him not to come close and holds the pillow on fire. He asks her did she get mad. She says don’t come close to me. She screams and throws the burning pillow on him. She runs out. Simmi sees her and hugs. She asks what happened. Ruhi says take me from here, Nikhil tried to molest me. Simmi says nothing will happen. She takes Ruhi to the car. Ruhi cries. Simmi consoles her.

Ruhi says I m so ashamed of myself, why didn’t I listen to Ishita and Raman, they told me Nikhil is bad, why did I love him. She hugs Ruhi. Ruhi asks how did you come here. Simmi says I was following you, I thought something is wrong. Ruhi thanks her for the favor. Simmi asks her to calm down. Ruhi says I will always stay by your side and help you. Simmi smiles. FB ends.

Ruhi says I was compelled to do this on Simmi’s saying, she asked me to lie, if anything happens to Raman, I can’t forgive myself, I wish this never happened. Ishita goes to get water. Parmeet asks his man to get money from Aaliya, he has suffered a big loss, he had to return property papers, try to get money, Aaliya is trapped. Doctor asks the family for Raman’s medical reports. Simmi asks him to take new samples for tests. Simmi says I don’t remember anything. Ishita says I will go home and get the reports, you can go ahead to take new tests till then. Mihika eats food. Aaliya argues with her. Mihika asks Neelu to send her coffee. She goes. Aaliya gets the man’s call. He scolds her for planning his arrest and asks for his money. She says give me some time, I don’t have money. She worries and thinks if they come home.

She tells Neelu that she is going to Amma’s house. She goes. Mihika looks on. At the hospital, Simmi says don’t know where Ishita did, we have to keep her away from the doctor. Parmeet asks where did she go, is she playing a game. He thinks maybe Aaliya called her. The men come and ask about Aaliya. Neelu asks them to go. Mihika says Aaliya is not here, she is in neighbor’s house. Kiran says Aaliya isn’t here. The man points gun at Kiran and asks Aaliya to come out. Aaliya comes out. They catch Aaliya. Ishita comes and saves Aaliya. Aaliya says they are threatening me. Ishita recalls the man and says you are the same man, Parmeet has sent you. She scolds the men. The man threatens her. Ishita says you will get the money, keep the gun away. She pays them and says you will get remaining money later. She goes to take Raman’s reports.

She comes to the hospital and collides with doctor. Doctor says I have come here for my husband’s surgery. Ishita says you know Raman’s case, he got epileptic fit. Doctor asks is he still taking those pills. Ishita recalls. Doctor says I told you the pills are dangerous, it affected his brain, I will meet you later. Ishita cries and says it means Simmi is still giving him the pills, how shall I stop it. She comes to everyone and says sorry, I went to get Raman’s reports. She gives the reports to doctor. Doctor says we are shifting him to ICU. Simmi asks why, how did he get the attack. Ishita asks don’t you know, he is suffering because of the pills you were giving him. Doctor asks what are you saying, he got the attack because of stress, there is no traces of pills in blood test. Simmi asks them to see Ishita’s true face. She scolds Ishita. Shagun asks her to stop it. Doctor says we are trying our best. Ishita asks can we see him. Doctor says yes. Ishita goes. Parmeet asks how did this happen. Simmi smiles and says I bribed the doctor.

Ishita tells Raman that she will not leave him. Mr. Bhalla warns her and asks her to stay away from Raman.


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