Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 August 2018 Written Update YHM Written Episode

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2018 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Today’s (17.08.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Parmeet disguises as a  clown in order to kidnap Pihu.

At the camp, Pihu gets scared with the blinking lights and tells her teacher that she is not feeling safe.

Parmeet plans to scare Pihu. He makes dramatic entry with his clown disguise and balloons. Raman, Ishita and Simmi leave for the camp to check Pihu and get her back home.

Simmi blames herself for giving statement against Parmeet and this is the reason he is getting back  at the Bhallas via Pihu’s kidnapping. Ishita tells Simmi not to blame herself. Simmi feels if Raman and Ishita didn’t accompany her to the police station, this would have not happened with Pihu.

Parmeet attacks Pihu’s teacher first. Pihu falls lonely. She realizes the danger around and tries to run away.

Bhallas and Iyers get a huge shock after finding out about Parmeet’s next target.  They try to get help from police and pray for Pihu’s safety. 

Pihu finds her teacher injured and worries. 

The neighbors meet Bhallas and Iyers and apologize for their misbehavior in Adi’s naming ceremony. They ask them to participate in the Independence Day festival. Bala assures that they will make all the arrangements. He hopes that everything gets fine.

Shagun worries about Parmeet. She feels Parmeet is planning something wicked. She informs Ruhi about Parmeet’s move. Ruhi tells Shagun that Raman and Ishita have gone to get Pihu home, Parmeet is creating troubles for them. Shagun gets worried for Pihu. Inspector helps Raman in tracking Parmeet. Simmi tells Raman that Parmeet can never harm Pihu, he can just threaten to take revenge. Shagun and Mani feel Parmeet is doing something for revenge. They worry that he can even hurt Pihu.

Pihu sees the clown, who doesn’t look funny. She runs away from him and tries to hide at some secure place. Parmeet goes behind her and finds her out. He kidnaps Pihu before Raman, Ishita and Simmi reach there.

He hides from Raman and takes Pihu away. Simmi regrets for believing Parmeet. They find the injured teacher and send her for aid. They get Parmeet’s threatening note and panic. Parmeet guides them to reach him. He makes a plan to counter them. Simmi comes with a plan to display fake hatred for Raman and Ishita, so that she can win Parmeet’s trust and defeat him.  

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