Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19 August 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatin 19th August 2017 Written Update, YHM 19 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (19.08.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ishita and Raman climbing the pyramid. Pihu and Riya ask the auto driver to drop them to locality. The man says I have to go, call someone else and go. He drops them and goes. Pihu says we should not ask directions from strangers, they can misguide us and kidnap. Nikhil saves them from getting hit by a car. He asks who is this girl. Pihu says she is my friend Riya. He asks where is Ruhi, how could you come here without any family members. Riya says scold me, not her. He says sorry, I m just worried. Pihu says we have to go to locality to meet someone. He takes them to drop.

Raman and Ishita reach the top and try to break handi. Amma asks Kiran why did you come here. Kiran says I was worried for Ishita and Raman. Amma says its my Vandu’s saree, why did you wear this. Kiran says no, its Ishita’s saree. Ishita sees them and thinks what are they taking. Raman asks Ishita to break matki fast. The killer aims at Ishita.
Ishita breaks the matki. Raman asks Adi to take the pendrive. Killer shoots Ishita. She gets shot at her arm. Raman gets shocked and holds her. The pyramid breaks and they all fall down. They all get shocked and ask what happened to Ishita. Killer says I have done my work, keep my money ready.
Raman takes Ishita to the car and they leave for hospital. Killer sees this and gets angry. He says evidence…..and sees everyone. Nikhil gets kids there. A lady says a woman is shot here, take kids away. Nikhil says we have to leave and come later, get in the air. Simmi sees Pihu and says who is this man taking Pihu. She stops Nikhil. Ruhi sees them and comes. Simmi asks Nikhil are you stealing kids. Ruhi says he is Aaliya’s friend, Nikhil. Simmi apologizes. Nikhil says its okay. Simmi says we have to leave. Ruhi says no, I will do work for which I came here. Nikhil says I will stay with Ruhi. Bhuvan gets the pendrive. Watchman’s wife identifies him. Ruhi and Nikhil see him. Lady stops Ruhi. Nikhil stops and beats up Bhuvan.
Ruhi asks Nikhil to take pendrive from his hand. Nikhil takes the pendrive and passes to Ruhi. Bala and Raman are on the way taking Ishita to hospital. Bala says hospital is half an hour away. The car breaks down. Raman asks what happened, I will check the car. Bala tries taking lift. Taneja comes there. Raman says my wife is shot, please help us. Taneja says sure, get her.
Nikhil and people get Bhuvan to police station. Ruhi says he has tried to kill my mum. Nikhil says find out who paid him money to kill Ishita. Inspector asks Nikhil and Ruhi to come with them. At home, Shagun and Mihika worry knowing Ishita got shot. Mr. Bhalla says we will go hospital when Raman informs us. They all cry. Shagun cries and says it happened because of me. Aaliya says no, everyone needs you, be strong, don’t blame yourself. Nikhil and Ruhi give the pendrive and see the footage of murder night. Ruhi sees the murderer and says how can this happen. Nikhil and inspector ask do you know him.
Raman and Bala thank Taneja and ask him to drive faster. Bala says we are just 15 mins away. Taneja’s car breaks down. Raman and Bala ask what happened. Taneja says I got this servicing today, we have to check. Ruhi says I have to call Raman and Ishita. Raman says I will get water, check the car. He goes. Bala asks Ishita not to worry. Bala gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi asks why is Papa not answering my call. Bala says we are on the way to hospital, car broke down, we got lift. Ruhi says we got to know about the murderer, I have to talk to Papa. He asks who is in it, did you see. She says yes, we have seen real murderer, its Taneja. Bala asks Adi’s partner Taneja? Taneja hits Bala on his head. Bala falls down and says Taneja….
Ruhi asks Bala is he fine. Ruhi tells Nikhil that Bala was talking to him, something is wrong. Raman comes to Bala and asks what happened, where is car and Ishita, Taneja….. Ruhi hears Raman and cries saying Taneja kidnapped Ishita. Bala says Taneja is the murderer, Ruhi has seen footage and told me just now. Ruhi asks inspector what’s Taneja’s full name. Inspector says Rupesh Taneja. Ruhi thinks so Mani was saying Ru… to Adi. Raman asks Ruhi to make police trace Taneja, Ishita is with him. Ishita looks for Raman and Bala.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20 Ausgut 2017 Precap:
Aaliya asks Taneja killed Mani and kidnapped Ishita? Ruhi says yes, don’t know where he took Ishita.



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