Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017 Written Update, YHM 22 August 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (22.08.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with as Raman pulls Taneja up, he fells on Raman’s feet and apologises to him. However, the police arrive to arrest him. Bala and Raman take Ishita to hospital. The doctor tells the family that Ishita is out of danger but needs to be under observation. Everyone goes inside the room to meet Ishita. Shagun says all this happened because of her and they all say it is nothing like that. Ishita then thanks Kiran and says that she saw Madhu fight with her. She goes on to reveal that their fight distracted her and made her move which make the killer lose his aim. Nurse asks everyone to leave the patient alone. Raman asks everyone to go home as he will stay with her.

At home, Simmi meets Ananya. Ananya shows her a scholarship letter and Simmi hugs her. Ananya says she has refused the scholarship because they want to interview both the parents. When Santoshi arrives, Simmi sends Ananya out and Santoshi asks her to talk to the school if they will allow just one parent. She tells Simmi that she is going for Chaar Dhaam the next day because she had vowed if Ishita would get out of this problem, she will go for Chaar Dhaam Yatra.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Ishita tries to get up to have water but cries with pain. Raman gets up and helps her have water. He asks her to not try to be a hero again. And Ishita asks him to lie next to her on the bed. Though he resists a bit but then gives up and lies next to her.

At home, Mihika tells Santoshi that she has packed sugar free laddoo. Shagun tells Santoshi that she is going back to her home. Ruhi, Pihu, Aaliya and Aadi request her to stay with them. She agrees. Everyone gets shocked to see Param. Simmi tells Mr. Bhalla that she has called him. She tells them about Ananya’s scholarship and says she doesn’t want her to lose out on any opportunity because of them. Param promises them that he will stay at their house only till the interview.Mr. Bhalla agrees.Santoshi gets hopeful of their reconcilation.

Riya excitedly tells Ruhi and Pihu that her mother has promised to spend the entire day with her on her birthday. Pihu asks Ruhi if she will bring Riya’s father to the birthday party. She asks her to have faith in her.

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