Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23 August 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2017 Written Update, YHM 23 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (23.08.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  episode starts with Ishita being welcomed in the house by Simmi and other family members after coming back from hospital.

Shagun is in her room thinking about Mani. Aaliya and Shagun talk to each other. Shaguns says so much has happened and we have lost Mani. Shagun blames herself of being a bad wife and hence Mani was involved with another woman. Aaliya tells her she was a good wife and she cannot blame herself, may be we cannot see something. Aaliya says we have to find out the truth, i am sure we are missing something. Shagun tells Aaliya that so much has happened in the past, she should now look forward and not get tensed with all of this. She should concentrate on her relationship with Adi.

Ishita is in the building corridor. A woman bumps into her. She has covered her face, Ishita asks her is she is okay, lady says some goons are chasing her and asks her to help. Raman comes there, they take her home

Ruhi is shocked to see the woman. She says you are the same lady. She remembers the woman with Mani on his day of murder. She tells Ishita that she has seen this woman with mani. ishita says are you sure. She says yes i am sure, thats why i went to Mani uncle’s house, what is her relationship with her. She says she had come with Priya also. The lady says yes, i had come with priya. Shagun asks her what is her relationship with Mani. The lady denies knowing Mani and says i have to leave. Shagun stops her and says she has to answer her questions. ishita says we have to asks her nicely. She again denies knowing any Mani. Shagun gets furious and says lets tale her to police. Raman says Shagun is right. ishita says we have missed something. ishita says wait. She takes Aaliya’s phone and takes out mani’s picture. She shows the woman pic, the lady says this is not Mani, he is our manager Prakash.

Simmi asks Adi what is your tension. Adi asks is Param is going to stay with them. She says No. She says once Ananya gets her scholarship, param will go. Adi says Anany will get attached to Param and she will be hurt after Param is gone. She says i know what happens when relationship breaks. She talks about Gaurav who was marrying her not for love but for her Kundali (as she was lucky for him). She says i broke up with him for Ananya’s sake. She says my family is with, nothing will happen to me. Adi says yes.

Shagun says yes. Ishita says maybe she knows this pic as Prakash. The lady says i saw Prakash the same day Ruhi saw him and he is missing since that day. The lady says that day Prakash was saying he is oon going to be a big man. priya mam was also surprised and after that day he is missing. Shagun says how can you say my husband was such a crook guy. She is upset about her lying.

Raman and Ishita think that Mani and Prakash could be twins. Adi says this is only seen in films. Mr. Bhalla says yes, there are seven people with same face in this world. Shagun says yes, may be its was other guy as Mani could have never hurt Ruhi, we all know Mani was a good person. Aaliya says, may be that day the man who dies was Prakash. Adi and Raman decided to inform Police. Ishita says i will also come.

At the police station, the police ask Ishita, do you mean to say the man who dies was Prakash. Ishita says may be Prakash knew Taneja. The cop shows the lady Taneja’s pic, but she doesn’t identify Taneja. Shagun says she is lying. Raman tells her to clam down as the lady is telling tem everything she knows. Police says we will find out the mystery. Shagun says the bad part is that Mani is alive but why is he missing. Ishita says may be he is in trouble. The poilce say we will put our team to investigate.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 August 2017 Precap:

Param comes to Bhalla house all beaten up. Simmi asks what happened. He says i have got some one home. Adi goes to the door and is shocked to see some one (Mani).


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