Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23 December 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2017 Written Update, YHM Written Episode

Today’s (23.12.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ishita is happy to see Raman and Pihu together, Pihu will be safe with her father.

Simmi comes, ishitas ays i look at you and get angry but the small things happen and it made me happy, even though people tried hard to keep her away, she is back, she says with pihu being back, raman’s memory will also be back.

Simmi says don’t be too happy as Pihu is here only for two hers, so brother will have his memory back in two hours, nothing will change Ishita mamda, i will continue to do what i have to do, Bhai will never get his memory back.

Raman, Simmi and Pihu come back home, Simmi tells raman see Ishita has come here, Simmi tells Raman to keep Ishita away from Pihu, she reminds him they had to drop Pihu to boarding, Piu says i don’t want to go home, Simmi tells Pihu that her father will be worried for her, she should not trouble her father, Raman also tells pihu to be a god girl. Police comes. They asks Ishita why did she call them urgently, ishita says i am worried, the kidnapper is not caught yet, he could be back to put my life in danger or pihu, she also talks about getting CC TV cameras in the vicinity of their house, she tells the cops to please tell Raman and Bhalla family. Police request raman to support for CC TV camera. ishita then adds that they could be still in danger, cop says we will keep our men dressed in civil dress, ishita tells but Pihu is going to Boarding school, The police inspector tells raman that he is shocked, he asks Raman Pihu has been through so much trauma, how can you send her to boarding, he tells Raman that how can we keep a watch on her when she is away between so many kids. The kidnapper can once again attack her. Raman says sorry, we didn’t think this way. Ishita says Raman you will be in office, how will Puhu be afe, raman tells her that is my problem, Pihu is happy to be with raman and family. Simmi is furious, ishita thanks the cops that they came to stop Pihu from going to boarding school as she knew that Pihu is in trauma and didn’t want to go.

Mrs. Bhalla is Happy to see Pihu home and everyone hugs her. Raman recollects the words Pihu told that her father is her Hero. Ruhi puts song and everyone dance. Salman’s song swag se Karenge Swagat plays…Simmi is upset to see everyone happy. ishita peeks into the house and is happy to see all of them dance together. Simmi sees Ishita and confronts her. She says why were you looking into our house, ishita says i will do so until i make my way back in the house. Simmi gets furious. Simmi stops the music, Raman asks why did she stop the music, She says my head is aching after so much drama in the function, Mrs. Bhalla says why don’t you rest, Simmi says see Pihu she is so tried, today me and Pihu will take rest together, She drags Pihu into the room and she drops her on the fall. Smmi says you are too happy, in two days i will send you to boarding school, don’t see me like this, go and change else. 

Shagun tells ishita that i am surprised that Simmi is playing such a big game, Shagun says at least Pihi is home, ishita says Pihu is so uncomfortable around Simmi, how can she be happy,, They wonder why raman is not getting normal as he has stopped taking those bad pills, Simmi says Raman will never get his memory back, what does that ishita think, Param says Ishita thinks that Raman has stopped taking the pills, but she is not knowing that how we are giving the pills to Raman, Simmi says that is our smartness. She says that’s why i have not told you how i am giving the pills, Ishita can never find out. Prama says that Madrasan is very cunning, i will have to watch her, he say i will have to cut her wings, we are no insects, we are like bed bugs, will eat them up form inside.

ishita gets a call from Dr rastogi, She is worried about Ashok, she bumps into Param as she is rushing to hospital, Param follows her, Ishita asks doctor, how did Ashok faint, Doc says Ashok had said no, Ishita tells doc she will asks Ashok to get admitted for his cancer treatment.

Param finds out Ashok has cancer and finds out the reason why Ashok is supporting Ishita as she wants to wash off his sins. And Ishita is a devi, she has forgiven him. He says now Ishita see what i will do, you were doing all of this with Ashok’s support, he says i will spread the news of Ashok’s cancer and his business will come down.

Pihu dreams about how she was kidnapped and Simmi troubling her, she gets up and calls Ishi Maa, she holds her teddy in hands, she looks for her papa, she come out of room, Simmi sees her, Pihu gets scared, she drags Pihu back into the room, Simmi again shouts at Pihu, tell to be in her room and listen to her else she will not leave her and maker her papa  away from her. Pihu is scared.


Ishita gets a nightmare about Pihu, she calls Aaliya to check on her, Ruhi also does not take her phone.. Raman comes to Pihu’s room and sees Pihu is missing.


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