Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 December 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2017 Written Update, YHM Written Episode

Today’s (28.12.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ashok tries to convince not to take his hands out of his business due to his illness, he assures that Ishita will be able to manage his well. The client asks where is Ishita, he needs her assurance and i need to meet her before getting convinced.

Ishita, Raman and Pihu are in the car and they plan to see a movie, she calls Ashok to check on his meds and overhears the clients demand on the phone. She tells Raman that she has to leave for urgent work and gets out of the car.

Raman and Pihu reach society car parking,  Pihu is scared he says we will not go home first, he says let us play a game, he tells rapid fire game where he will ask questions and she has to say the first thing that comes in her mid, they start the game. He says word Romi, she says Romi Chachu, she says sadness, he says Ishita Ka Jaana, he is surprised he thinks about ishita, Pihu says are you sad papa, he says i don’t know, but i feel lost, i don’t know why.

Simmi is worried and waiting for Raman and Pihu. Param tells her not to worry, Pihu will not open her mouth in front of counsellor. Raman and pihu enter the house as they play the game, Simmi pretends to care of them and is happy that Bhai is normally, she asks Raman is Pihu said anything to the counsellor, Simmi is happy and Param too, Raman says she was nervous, Simmi says i told you she does not want a counselor. She says let me take her, he says no i will be with her, Param says don’t over act else they will begin to doubt.

Ishita is upset that the clients want to back out from the project, Ashok says she should not have let Pihu be alone, he will handle things, She says do you know who has leaked you illness news to clients, he says i know it is Param, she gets furious with Simmi and Param put put everyone in trouble, she gets a call and leaves Ashok.

Bhalla family is on the dinner table, Simmi thinks to make Pihu eat dinner in the room and find out what she spoke to the counsellor. Simmi sees Raman in the room and leaves, Oihu sees her and tells Raman to tell her bed time story, He says i will not tell a story, he tells her when your family is with you, nothing wrong can happen to you, you should believe in yourself, and trust your father, papa will always be there with you, she goes to sleep.

Simmi tells Param that Raman and Pihu are coming close, Raman could get his memory back, Param suggests her to be good to Pihu for a few days to stop Raman and Ishita from coming together, Param gets a message, he is tensed, they see a CC TV footage, Param says i have taken password from the security guard and now i can keep a check. They see Ishita giving Bala some paper and tells him to keep them safe. Bala says why have you not spoken about these papers, she asks not now and keep them safe. param and Simmi are worried if she has some proofs against, Param says we have to get these papers. She says we have to steal the papers from Iyer house, neelu comes and tells her that Raman has called for her, everyone is gathered and Raman tells her that we have keep Pihu happy as she is scared about something, he says i plan for a christmas party to cheer Pihu. Simmi says this is good plan, Aaliya is shocked to see Simmi agreeing, everyone gets ready for the party.

Param ask Simmi why did she agree for the party, She says we can now steal papers form Iyer house easily and i can fake about Pihu’s concern also.

Next morning, Raman where a Santa cap and goes to wake up Pihu, he takes her out of room for surprise. Everyone says surprise, she says i love you all. Simmi says today there is a party and we are going to bring lots of gifts, she says your favouirte Ishita Aunty and her family is also coming for party, Pihu asks if she can go to get christmas tree with adi and Aaliya, Raman thanks Simmi for arrangements, she fakes her love for Pihu, Raman says i will go invite Ishita, Ishita opens door and shocked to see Raman. She invites him inside the house, Raman tells he has kept Christmas party for Pihu and asks her to come. She is surprised. he says Pihu will be happy with you around, ishita says but is your family okay, he says Simmi was going to invite you, so don’t worry, Ishita says i will be happy to come for Pihu’s sake, she wonders Simmi has some plans behind this, but she is happy with raman’s invitation. She sess i fell like i am going on date.


Param sees Ishita has given Mrs. Iyer their house keys, Simmi gets the key from Mrs’ Iyer’s purse.

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