Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 December 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th December 2017 Written Update, YHM Written Episode

Today’s (30.12.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Raman and Ishita argue as they are handcuffed together. Pihu tells Aliya why she is happy as she has handcuffed her parents together, she showa Aliya a picture, Aaliya says lets keep the love birds alone for some time, Aaliya takes her out for a round, the handcuff keys fall on the road from Pihu’s hands.

Raman and Ishita enter Raman’s room, he feels itching with his santa dress, she tells him to take it out, he says what are you saying, she says it is itching you, she helps him to take out his clothes, he says to stay away, he how can you see me changing like that, they have cute time as he changes his santa costume.

Bhalla and Iyer family are sitting in a restaurant for a dinner, Simmi ask where is raman, Aaliya says Raman had to take a shower, Mrs. Iyer ask about Ishita, Aaliya says Amma ot a call from Clinic, Simmi is upset that ISHRA is missing. Mrs. Iyer is happy to see Raman and ishita’s pic together as Aaliya shows her.

Ishita take Raman to washroom and asks him to take a bath so his itching will go, he says how will i take bath in front of you, she takes him to the tub and puts the shower curtain, he warns her to stay out and peek, she has fun and smiles as Raman keeps warning her and takes his case my moving around and he warns her not to come in. She gives him towel, he says give me my clothes, she says take yourself, he requests her, she gives clothes, he throws towel on her face, they have sweet time together. He calls her madrsan unknowingly. She is surprised. 

Simmi asks Param i think Raman and Ishita are spending time together or may be it is to do with the papers.She tries calling Raman. She asks how come raman’s phone is ringing here only, Pihu is tensed. Mr. Bhalla says it could be someone elses’ phone too. Aaliya manages to switch off the phone. Mr. Bhalla says raman is not a child, he will come, let us all enjoy and don’t worry. 

Raman and Ishita are sitting in a car as they are handcuffed together, the driver passes a comment seeing them together, raman loses his cool and tell him to shut up. Simmi says let me check on Bhai as he has not come. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will come. Raman and Ishita enter the restaurant together, they hide their handcuff with Raman’s coat. Simmi tries ot make them sit separately, but they sit together. Simmi is upset and wonders what is wrong with Raman. Mrs. Iyer goes to serve Ishita and Raman as she knows they are handcuffed. Raman eats with left hand, ishita helps him eat. Simmi is furious. Pihu and Iyers are happy. Param is upset too. Simmi asks Raman wy are you eating with ulta hands, Raman says why you have so many questions, Mr Bhalla says Simmi why are you worrying so much, enjoy the dinner. Ishita makes Raman eat food (yeh hai mohabbatein plays) Param tells Simmi what is going on, we don’t have papers, ISHRA is having food together.

Raman adjust his handcuffs with ishita, everyone notices them. They finish their dinner and he says me and ishita will come, Simmi interrupts, he tells her i know out house address. 

They all come back home, Simmi tells Ishita that she can go home now as party is over, i have to talk to my brother, he says she cannot go, he shows her the handcuffs and says Pihu has done this, Simmi ets furious, Raman takes Ishita inside and tells ihu we are friends now please release us, Pihu realizes that the keys are lost. Simmi yells at Puhi and is about to slap her saying let me teach you a lesson, Raman holds her hands as everyone see her. Raman yells at Simmi saying look at Pihu, she is so much scared, she has done prank on me, i should yell at her, you are Bua, stay like Bua only. Simmi says at time we have to discipline kids, ishia says Pihu understands she has done mistake, Pihu is really scared, ishita makes her understand that they are not upset with her, Raman warns Simmi next time he will not tolerate this.


Mrs Iyer overreacts saying how can you both sleep together entire night to make simmi jealous. Ishita gets a call while a guy is cutting their handcuffs, raman says Param and Simmi were talking about these papers, i have to get them.

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