Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 05 May 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 5th May 2017, YRKKH Written Episode 05 May 2017

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 05 May 2017 episode starts with Kartik running after the taxi and shouting Naira. He falls and cries. He gets up and runs again. Naitik leaves from home. Naira comes home and cries seeing Akshara’s foot impressions. She recalls Akshara. Everyone see her. Naira runs to her room. They worry. Surekha asks Akhilesh why did he hide this from her, so much happened, Mansi has bear a lot till now, nothing should happen to her now. Suwarna hears this. Manish arranges lawyer for Mansi. Suwarna stops him and says let’s first confess crimes, then we will think how to get saved, Singhanias don’t know this, we should tell them before anyone else tells them, they have right to punish us, its our duty to accept it. Kartik comes to Singhania house and shouts Naira.

Rajshri asks what happened. He says its imp to talk to Naira. He runs to her room and stops. Dadi says we will surely go there Suwarna. Mansi cries. Suwarna says you won’t go Mansi. Mansi insists. Baisa asks what’s the matter, I will go there and talk. Rajshri says maybe its not needed. Gayu says Naira and Kartik always fight. Bau ji says this time its some big matter. Bhabhimaa says I wish this ends before Naitik comes. Naksh comes and looks on. Devyaani and everyone ask Naksh what happened. They turn and see….
Kartik says I love you Naira, please open the door. She sees Akshara’s pics and cries. Everyone see Goenkas. Rajshri asks what happened, did Naira do any mistake. Dadi holds her hands and cries. Devyaani asks them to please say. Karishma says Naira came crying and then Kartik came. Naira hugs Akshara’s belongings. Goenkas apologize. Everyone ask why. Surekha says Mansi did not do this intentionally. Dadi says Mansi did Akshara’s accident. They all get shocked.
Mishti goes to kartik and says I know its some solid reason that you both got annoyed, everything will get fine. Rajshri and Bhabhimaa get dizzy. Baisa asks Goenkas to leave. Naitik is on the way and talks to Akshara’s pic. He says I don’t want to upset Naira, its imp day for her, just keep blessing her. He sees Mansi running on the road and stops the car. He calls her out. He says why did Mansi come to police station. He calls Naira and asks is everything fine, Mansi was running on road, she was going to police station, where is everyone. Naira gets shocked.

Kartik comes to everyone. He hugs Rajshri. Surekha asks Bhabhimaa to forgive Mansi. Kartik asks Surekha not to trouble them more. Naira comes and sees Surekha begging to her family for Mansi. Goenkas leave. Kartik apologizes to everyone. He sees Naira. She turns her face away. Kartik gets leaving. Yeh rishta kya….plays… He gets a call and says what, Mansi is there. He runs. Rajshri hugs Naira. Naira says we have to reach Naitik, before he gets to know. Bau ji asks who will tell him. Naira says Papa has seen Mansi going to police, we should go there. Naksh says we will go, you stay here. Baisa says you be here. Bau ji says I will go with Naksh. They leave.

Naira cries and says they cheated us Papa. Naitik gets shocked. Naksh defends Kartik, and says he could not say as I couldn’t.

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