Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 08 March 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 08th March 2017 YRKKH Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode starts with Kartik thinking Naira is waiting for him. Dadi wards off his bad sight. He says I will just come and runs. Akhilesh stops him and says I told everything to Naira. Kartik gets shocked and asks what did Naira say. Akhilesh says she cried a lot and understood. She is sensible, I was stopping you by fear, when I felt I should trust your belief, maybe it will be right, it was right actually. Kartik says I can’t believe this, how did Naira calm down, its a big thing. Naira cries. Kartik says she did not talk to me. Akhilesh says she understood the matter, person understands if emotions are true. Kartik says no, I want to meet her once.

Akhilesh says wait, call her, it will be better, you don’t trust me right. He calls Naira. Kartik asks Naira, did Akhilesh say something to you. She says yes, about mum. Kartik says I wanted to come there. She says I know, you tried hard and wanted to say, but the time did not support us, Akhilesh told me and explained, I agree with him, whatever happened should have not happened, but now we can’t change it, nothing should happen because of it, we will talk later, we have all life to talk about this, calm down now, please, its not time to think this. Akhilesh says Kartik would agree to you, thanks Naira, I will manage him, go and get ready, I will take Kartik for rasams, I request you not to talk about this matter now, swear on your love, I don’t want any sorrow and abshagun to happen in your marriage, its day of happiness, enjoy, bless you both.

Naira says thanks, I want to look happy, so that if mumma sees me, she also gets happy, she had wish to see my and Kartik’s marriage. Akhilesh says we will meet with baraat. He ends call. Akhilesh says my guilt got less, let marriage happen well. Kartik says Naira did not fight or complain. Akhilesh says you do everything with smile and happiness, else all the things will go waste. He takes Kartik.

Naira and everyone come to the palace. Women do ghumar there. Naksh asks is everything arranged well. The man says everything is perfect. Baisa says I told you Naksh and Naitik will not leave anything. Manish and everyone like the arrangements. Naitik goes to Naira. She thanks and hugs him. She thanks Naksh and hugs. Naitik says we did that our princess deserves, no one will cry before bidaai, I want every moment to be happy. Naksh says I can’t cry, I m happy that she is going. She asks won’t you miss me. He says I will miss you a lot. She says I want to see palace.

Naksh asks Dadi. Dadi sees time and asks them to go. They all enter the palace and pray. Dadi says whatever happened is over, we will do rasam now. Naira says I wish I could live this moment with Kartik. Gayu says he is coming, go and enjoy yourself. Naira runs. Naitik smiles. Kartik and Akhilesh reach palace. Akhilesh says its beautiful place. Kartik says Naira would be dancing happily. Naira dances and runs in the palace. Yeh nadiyaan si…..plays………..

Kartik is downstairs and calls her. He sees her shadow near his shadow. He asks are you happy. She says a lot. Their shadows get close. He says if we did not think of family, I would have taken you and flew to such place, where it would be just us. She says then take me, who stopped you. Their shadows hug. They dream. Kartik and Naira romance and dance. Gerua….plays…………

Naitik stumbles. Naksh asks Naitik are you fine. Naitik says yes. Baisa explains the rasam and asks him to take rounds in village. Naksh asks why this rasam. Bhabhimaa explains him. Vishwamber says this rasam means you want to involve everyone on your happiness. Bau ji says happiness increases on sharing. Naksh says I like this rasam. Devyaani says invite Kartik to get baraat and take his bride. Naksh says Kartik is super ready.

The men leave for the rasam. Naitik says bidaai time will come soon. Vishwamber explains him father’s heart, which tries to avoid daughter’s bidaai moment. Naira does the puja. Baisa makes her wear bangles. Rajshri asks Naira to pray to Gauri Maiyya. Naira prays that Gauri always supported husband, I also wish to support my husband, give me strength, our families relation should get strong through all odds

Manish says thank God I managed everything and told you to say all that to Naira. Akhilesh says I will be upset if Kartik and Naira get away by this. Naitik and Naksh come there. Manish gets shocked.

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