Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 March 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 15th March 2017 YRKKH 15.03.2017 Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 March 2017 episode starts with Naira praising Kartik. Gayu says is this not too much. Naira says no, Kartik would have come on lion and tiger in style. Kartik is on camel and asks the man to be careful, its my marriage now, take fast. The man says yes, I will make camel run. Kartik takes the man’s phone and thanks him. He says why is phone not connecting.

The man says there is no balance. Kartik shouts did you give for playing game. The man tells about the palace. Kartik says understand my problem, someone else went in my baraat, if he exchanges varmala, I will not leave you. He sees people taking selfie and covers his face.

Naksh says find out the varmala, I kept it there where that camel…. He sees the camel eating varmala. The man says sorry, it was part of welcome band. Naitik asks what happened. Naksh says that varmala. Naitik says did you forget to order it, I told you to share responsibility. Naksh says that camel has eaten it. Naitik asks what will we do now.

Naksh says nothing gets fine when I try to do things well. Naitik says always something happens with varmala. Bau ji and everyone ask Naitik to calm down. Naira comes and asks shall I make varmala, I used to make it in Rishikesh. Naitik and Naksh ask her to go. Naksh says I came to give this box, why are you scolding me, I will be away from all of you. She goes. Rajshri says we have to end many works, baraat has come.

Naira hears baraat dhol and dances in the room. Yeh rishta….plays….. Gayu, Mishti and Ananya get surprised and dance with Naira. Kartik is on the way. Other groom see venue and says its different. Rajshri and Devyaani ask Naitik not to worry, we will make varmala. They sit making garlands. Kartik praises the man and camel. Camel stops. Kartik asks why did camel stop, please walk. Kartik’s family dances in baraat. Ladies make varmala. Gayu says Naira, your makeup, hair and dupatta, all got spoiled.

Naira worries and says I m mad, but you all should have stopped me from dancing. Gayu sends Mishti and Ananya. She makes Naira’s makeup fine.

Naitik and Naksh smile seeing baraat. Kartik asks a man to give phone for imp call. He calls Naira. Naira does not answer. Everyone see groom dancing and says look at Kartik. They get groom down. Groom dances. Everyone feel him weird.

Kartik asks camel to please make him reach the bride, I will do your setting with female camel. Camel runs. Kartik says Naira I m coming. Dadi asks the groom to stop dancing such weirdly. Naira comes there and shouts stop. She runs to groom and pushes him down. Everyone get shocked.

Naksh asks did you go mad. Naira gets angry on groom. Dadi asks what are you doing. Naira says this man deserves this. She shows the groom. They all get shocked and ask about Kartik. Naira says he did something to Kartik, I was getting many calls, I called back and man told me that fake groom came in baraat, and real groom took my phone to inform you, you did not answer. Manish asks what did you do with my son. Naira scolds him. They all ask about Kartik.

Kartik shouts Naira, don’t beat him, I have come. Dadi asks Naira to cover face. Kartik comes on camel. Gayu and Rajshri cover Naira’s face. Naira worries for him. Gayu says he looks fine. Kartik says I will say everything, get me down. Manish asks the man what did you do with my son. The groom asks where are you parents, baraat, did you kidnap them.

Kartik tells everything about confusion. Dadi asks the groom is he donkey to keep quiet. Groom says I don’t know baraat, I thought relatives are dancing. Kartik apologizes and asks him to go to his family, Naksh get car.  He hugs the groom and wishes him all the best. Groom says same to you, don’t move from here till pheras happen. Everyone laugh.

Bhabhimaa starts crying. She says everyone did not realize, if anything went wrong, what would have happened. Manish says how, we are here. Dadi tells mahurat time. Surekha says we will dance. Dadi says no, everyone would be tired. Mishti gives idea to take baraat back.

They all ask what. Mishti says I did not mean that. Kartik did not sit on elephant, you go back, make him sit on elephant and get him. Dadi says fine, we will do this. Kartik says no, I came on camel, I won’t go on elephant.

Akhilesh says leave it, I can understand, leave elephant. Gayu asks Naira to come and get her makeup right. Kartik thanks Krishna ji for saving them. Rajshri says its good nothing big thing happened. Naira says we will remember this.

Rajshri says like we remember what happened in Akshara’s marriage. Suwarna comes and hugs Naira. She says Naira is amazing, she makes everything fine, I just wanted to thank her, she is loving, I m sure she will manage Kartik and family, I m very happy that Naira will stay with us, I started dreaming about the happiness. She goes. Rajshri asks Naira why are you worried. Naira says don’t know I will fulfill her expectations or not, did I do wrong by promising her.

Rajshri and everyone sing Rishton me pyaar hai, and welcome Kartik.

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