Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 May 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th May 2017, YRKKH 16.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 May 2017 episode starts with Baisa asking where is Guru ji. Dadi says Guru ji will come on screen. Surekha says house will get filled by positivity. Dadi asks Aditya about Kirti. Aditya says she is sleeping, I told her about havan, don’t get annoyed. He sits in havan. Naira and Kartik look on. Guru ji comes on live video. Everyone greet him. Naira asks Guru ji to clear her doubt. She says I get scared about few things, I know fear is our enemy, how can I get rid of fear. Dadi says you could have asked this later. Guru ji says keeping doubt in heart, havan can’t be done. He says person should not keep fear in heart, if person can’t control fear, fear controls person. Naira tells Kartik that Kirti will hear Guru ji. Kirti hears Guru ji and recalls Aditya. Guru ji says fear is like termite which makes person hollow.

Everyone are in havan. Kirti recalls Kartik and Naira’s words. She sees the bruises on her neck and says why am I bearing all this, when will I do something for me. She takes some pills in hand. Naira prays Lord to give courage to Kirti. Lav and Kush tell Naira that they have to go loo. Naira sends them.

Kirti comes to Aditya and throws tablets on him. She asks did you see these tablets till now, its painkillers, I had to eat this everyday, I can’t tolerate this now, either promise me you won’t repeat this, else end this. She cries and asks him to change. Aditya thinks how did she get courage. Lav and Kush come to Naira and tell why did Aditya lie.

Naira thinks did Aditya beat Kirti again. Kirti says I can’t bear this now, end this. Aditya pushes Kirti angrily. He asks what shall I end, tell me, shall I end this relation, or the business with your dad, or you. Naira removes the pen drive of bhajan. Aditya and Kirti’s conversation gets heart. Aditya takes a vase to hit Kirti. Kartik and Manish hold Aditya’s hand and stop him. Aditya gets shocked seeing them.

Everyone get shocked seeing Aditya. Manish stares at Aditya angrily. Kirti cries and hugs Kartik. Manish asks how dare you raise hand on my daughter. Kirti gets surprised seeing Manish supporting her and says Papa….. Aditya says Papa, I…. Kartik says I will pull out your tongue if you lie. Manish pushes Aditya on the sofa. Kartik says its known to everyone now. Aditya says Dadi, I will tell you truth. Naira says its all true Dadi, this is going on since long, I was trying to tell you all about this. Dadi cries and asks Aditya. Naira says Aditya has mistreated Kirti and tortured her, I feel strange that good family people can talk such things, money and status can’t make an animal a human, she has beaten up Kirti, we used to enjoy marriage functions and Kirti used to bear his tortures, she has always hidden things. She tells them everything. Naksh says yes Naira is saying right. He also tells what Aditya did. Kartik says we tried to show his truth, but Aditya knew our plan and got saved.

Naira says truth comes out someday. Kartik asks Kirti why did she not say them before. She cries and hugs them. Suwarna says this house gave you much respect, we are not weak, we hoped our daughter will get same respect, parents think the son in law is deserving, you don’t deserve any respect, you did wrong with her. Akhilesh says good people, good house and family, what happened now. Surekha says you promised to keep Kirti happy, what’s happening. Manish asks Aditya to leave before he loses control. Kartik asks Aditya to get lost. Aditya says Papa… Manish says I have no relation with you, I m Kirti’s dad, if you stay here, I will break your legs, I don’t want to listen anything, I thought Kirti is innocent and does not know keeping relations, now when everything is clear, just leave from here. Lav and Kush beat Aditya calling him bad. Akhilest stops kids and asks Aditya to leave. Aditya goes. Kirti and everyone cry.

Dadi says my head is aching thinking what will happen of Kirti, just think of….. Manish asks her not to say it again. Dadi asks Kirti to meet Aditya once. Kartik and Naira look on.

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