Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 August 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2017 Written Update, YRKKH 18 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (18.08.2017) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode (written update) starts with Naira calls Pandit but he does not take her call. She gets worried.

Naksh and Dadi Bua Along with Rukmani reach there. Keerti also reaches there and hands over to Dadi Bua all the things her dadi has sent along with her.

Keerti Says thanks and they all move to puja area and get ready for it. The Pandit starts the mantras. Meanwhile Naira is worried. Suwarna sees her and asks her why is she tensed. Naira Says I am Little nervous but not sure why.

Kartik comes and greets with her and leaves She is thinking why I am feeling this. There Dadi Bua and Rukmani tell Naksh to leave as his part is complete. He agrees and leaves. Keerti senses something is wrong when Dadi bua make her wear almonds garland.

Naira gaian tries to reach the Pandit in Hrishikesh and She asking something to him. She is shocked to hear “Shuddikaran”.

At the temple, some people come with water pots and Keerti is just watching all this. Naira is about to go out But Dadi stops her. She tells Dadi That she knows about Kirti’s special puja. Dadi is shocked

At the temple, Dadi Bua gives Kirti Something and says forget all the past and do what Pandit is telling you to do. Kirti Nods. Dadi bua tells her that this is your Shuddikaran’s puja. After this you will be shudh (Clean) and your Dadi knows all this.

Keerti is remembering what Dadi has told when she was leaving for Pooja. She secretly sent message to Naksh that her Shudhikaran puja is going on and if he wants then she will do. He is shocked to see her message.

At Goenka House Kaira is asking Dadi why you became a part of this. She tells I want this for Kirti and her future.

Both Dadi and Naira leave for puja and Dadi is in tears.

Naksh Turns his Car and drives in rush towards the temple. Dadi is about to call Bua Dadi but Suwarna takes Phone Back. Dadi stares at her. She says give me any punishment I wont say No. But I won’t let this happen to my Daughter Think again Just Like a Women.

There Dadi Bua tells Keerti to Sit on Small Wood table And pandit Says why she is not Sitting. Dadi bua Says Your first marriage was not successful. Make this one successful. Keerti reluctantly agrees and sit.

Pandit Start taking round around him and Showers Flowers on her. And tells Dadi to pour Shuddikaran Water on Keerti From this POT. She takes water Pot In her hand and comes Near her. Keerti is remembering Aditya’s Word

Dadi Pour the water But Kartik and Naira comes. He Extends his hand and Water comes in His Hand and Naira Throws the POT Away. Keerti cries and Naksh and Kartik Helps her to Stand Up.

Naira is very angry and asks Dadi Bua that how can you do this to her, how can you decide that kirti is not SHUDH. She Takes Pot one By One and Broke and same time shouts on her that kirti is pure. I am So Hurt That You are Women and you didn’t understand her pain and reminded her of her scarred past.

Kartik Burst too His Anger that If You Hate her then say No for this marriage. Naksh Says you have prove  your Ashuddikaran by doing all of this. He holds Kirti’s hand and says sorry to her.

Naira and Kartik console him and he Says Take her Home Please and Kaira takes her Home. Naksh Says That Just come Home I will take A Decision he is Angry

Singhania House Divyani informs everyone What Dadi bua Did. She Informs that Kaira took her Home and Naksh is taking Back Bua Dadi and Rukmani Back. She also tells that that Suhasani knows all of this.

At Goenka House Manish and Akhilesh are Angry on Dadi that She Did All This. Manish Burst His anger that How can You Think That Your Own Keerti is not Pure. Here Kaira takes her Home and everyone rush to Her Manish Hugs her try to console her but she is Standing Senseless. Dadi comes to her and Says keerti Forgive me I Know You are Hurt Because of Me. But She Replies that I Know You are always Worried for me but You Give me This pain and That is More Painful then Aditya Everyone See her

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Keerti is Going Back and Dadi is Saying Don’t turn face and go Like this Forgive me Please

Manish and Kartik follow her Naira is going too But Dadi Looks at her but she Turns and Hears her Loud Cry

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