Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 12 April 2017 YRRKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2017 Written Update YRKKH 12.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 04 2017 episode starts with

Suwarna saying I did not wish Kartik to go from here, so I requested Naira. Kartik says no, you blackmailed her and played with her feelings, I m ashamed that we are…. Manish shouts mind your tongue, you are talking to my wife. Kartik says yes, how did I forget, you have no relation with us Mr. Goenka. Manish asks what Mr. Goenka, we are your parents. Kartik says my mum is dead. Mansi takes Lav and Kush with her. Kartik says and person responsible is…… Manish shouts shut up, not a word anymore. Suwarna stops Manish.

Naira and everyone see photos and laugh. Naira and Naksh joke. They all get happy and spend good time. Suwarna says forgive me, Manish is not involved. Kartik says Manish can do anything for his business, he wanted a person with him for his merger, so he will get loyal employee at office and bahu at home, so he played this game, this trap was laid between me and Naira. Manish says don’t know who feeds this in your mind, you can’t see the world. Kartik says now I can see well, so I m saying clearly, if you want to keep me and Naira here, Suwarna has to leave from here. Dadi cries.

Bhabhimaa asks Naira is she upset. Rajshri says no, she has become responsible, she is thinking about Kartik, Akshara used to be like this, she worried for inlaws. Bhabhimaa says this happens after marriage. Naira checks phone and thinks Kartik did not read message till now, I m worried. Manish says none will go anywhere. Kartik says I knew this, who will leave comforts, but I m not interested, so I m going with my Naira, I promised her Papa that I will always keep her happy, how shall we stay here, where there are many traps.

Gayu says Naira is calling Kartik again. Naitik says this is wrong. Naira says nothing, Mishti tell me now, I have an idea, we did not play football. Naksh asks will you goal in saree. She asks why, are you afraid. Bau ji says its many days, nothing broke in this house, few vases will break today. They all laugh.

Dadi says I thought there will be happiness, but this is happening, why did I not die before seeing this. Kartik apologizes and says I have no way, I don’t have strength to bear, what’s Naira’s mistake, did I marry her to make her part of my sorrows, Naira’s family is ready to do anything for our happiness, and my family, where no one cares for each other, everyone is selfish, I m not talking of you, I love you and care for your happiness, but I have responsibility of Naira’s happiness, I can’t keep it up here, it will be better that Naira and I go away. They all cry.

Kartik says don’t think I took this decision in anger or hurry, I thought of this before, I did not think it will happen next day of marriage, its good, my wife won’t be blackmailed more, I m going from here, I will take Naira there, Dadi bless me, don’t stop me. Dadi cries and blesses him. Suwarna cries.

Naksh asks Naira to give ball. Mishti greets Kartik. Naira turns to see. Mishti teases her. She says Kartik has really come. Naira says I don’t like same jokes. Mishti says really, see. Kartik greets them. Everyone ask him how is he, why did he come so soon, did he get bored without Kartik, he should have come in morning, we won’t send Naira soon. Naira sees Kartik. Kirti and Mansi console kids. Dadi says I told you Suwarna not to trust Naira. Suwarna says I took promise from Naira. Dadi says she used that against you, maybe we could have stopped Kartik, why did Naira tell this to him, she did not do this right, she cheated us.

Kartik says sorry, I got an imp work, I have to take Naira soon, I came to Sasural after marriage, I will have tea and kachoris. Naksh says no, you can’t take Naira. Kartik requests them. He says I will get Naira again. Naitik says fine, we can’t refuse now. Baisa says now you have first right on Naira. Kartik says no, sorry to hurt you. Naitik says its okay. Naira sees Kartik. Suwarna says I thought she understands me. Dadi says she is clever girl, don’t know what she did, they did many drama in marriage, even then I kept quiet for Kartik’s happiness, I did not think this will happen, think well, Kartik got that home before marriage and working for them.

Kartik asks for kachori. Gayu asks him to say Chann, else he won’t get wife and kachori. Kartik says Chann. Everyone clap. Dadi says Naira fooled Kartik, why did you do this Suwarna, you argued with me for Naira, you fought for her, she cheated you. Manish asks how did you do mistake Suwarna, you praised Naira. Dadi says Naira took our Kartik and cries.

Kartik gives a keychain to Naira. He then gives her keys of their new house. He says our house is waiting for us, I took my decision, I told them too, I m just waiting for your yes. She gets shocked. He says its your decision, you want to go Goenka house or with me in that new house. She sees both the keys and cries.


Kartik and Naira leave on the bike. Manish says Naira took Kartik. Kartik stops his bike. Naira sees Goenka house. She thinks how did Kartik’s mood change.



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