Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 14 March 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2017 Written Update YRKKH 14.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 March 2017 episode starts with Naitik dropping the plate by feeling dizzy. Naksh goes to help. Naitik says I feel proud of you, you re supporting a lot. Naksh says its my sister’s marriage. He gets Akhilesh’s message and says they are getting baraat, I have work, you inform everyone. Manish asks Kirti to put some efforts in her marriage, Aditya does not look happy, your mistake points to our upbringing, what will guests think of us. She says yes, I m sorry, I will try my best that you and Kartik have no problem because of me. She says good, come.

Everyone feel cold. Akhilesh asks Dadi to wear shawl. She refuses. A man comes to find Sumit and Arana. Manish guides them. Dadi says we have to tell them that their baraat is that side. Surekha says Singhanias will see the lavishness and understand.

Kartik comes and calls them superwomen. Surekha says we are bearing this for you. He says not for me, for your imagine, come soon. Dadi asks Akhilesh to talk auspicious. Surekha says your baraat is special. Kartik what’s surprise. Manish says let my son’s baraat. Kartik sees a grand baraat. He asks what’ new in horse.

Akhilesh says we got two horses, just not horses, see there. They see two camels. Kartik says I m scared to sit on it. Lav asks him to sit on elephant. Kartik gets surprised.

Gayu looks for Naira’s juda. Rajshri says this happened in Akshara’s marriage too. Naira says I will manage. Naksh says baraat is going to leave, hurry up. Kartik asks why this elephant. Dadi says its your different baraat. Surekha says yes, its royal. He says this happened too much, you could get vintage car, helicopter. Dadi says you are our prince and have to sit on elephant, you chose girl of your likes, come on agree. Everyone ask him to agree. Manish says I told you to get vintage car, his mood will spoil. Kartik agrees to sit on elephant.

Naira says my baraat is going to come, I love you so much. Dadi does Kartik’s aarti. She says baraat will leave in 6mins. Manish says get drinks for Kartik, he wants energy to dance. Lav asks Manish to dance too. Dadi asks Kartik to cover face so that none’s bad sight catches, other baraat will also leave from here. He covers face. Drink falls over him.

He asks Kartik to get water. She says sherwani will turn bad, go and wash. She tells Dadi that Kartik went to washroom. Dadi says abshagun happened. Lav says Kartik has come. They make other groom sit on elephant. Baraat leaves. Kartik is in washroom. The other groom tries to see everyone. Kartik praises himself and wears sehra.

He slips in bathroom and falls. The other guy says who are they. Where are my parents. Kartik says thank God I got saved. Dadi tells Manish that she can’t see Kartik. The groom puts sehra back thinking Manish is his far off Tau ji. Dadi dances.

Kartik comes out and sees baraat gone. He says where did they all go. The other groom does not understand. Guard tells Kartik that his baraat left, there was groom. Kartik says how can this happen, I m groom. Naitik worries. Everyone ask him to calm down. Gayu and Mishti tell Naira that Kartik is coming on elephant. Naira laughs and says I m thinking my frog is coming on elephant, wow.

The groom does not find his family, why is this uncle seeing me this day. Akhilesh asks groom did he go mad to drink and come for marriage. The groom thinks who are they, where are my parents. Kartik calls everyone and says battery got dead, shall I tell Naira, she is bride, can I get any vehicle. He scolds guard. Guard says calm down, I will do something, this is Rajasthan, just camel runs here, sit on it. Kartik thinks.

Kartik asks camel to run fast. The other groom reaches the palace.

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