Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 17 January 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2017 Written Update WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (17.01.2017) starts with Naira and Kartik meeting in parking lot. He asks what do you think, everything will be as you like, you irritated me by meeting Suwarna and then rejected my gift, then gave kachori and left, you were leaving without meeting me. She says I thought you are annoyed and can get more annoyed seeing me. He calls her stupid. She asks who are you then. He says your would be husband. She smiles and asks him to give gift. He asks why did you refuse before. She says I asked you to give when mood gets better. He says my mood did not get better, come close. Kirti and Gayu laugh. Kartik and Naira see them with the kids. Gayu and Kirti tease them.

Kartik says these love enemies reached here also. Mishti says we came to help you. Gayu says we want to enjoy by teasing
you. Naira says they always helped me. He says they are troubling now. Naira and Kartik run and hide. They look for them. Naira says your dream to run completed. Kartik says I had to run and marry. Naira and Kartik exchange arm garlands and hug.

She says don’t get angry, don’t get away. He says our distance depends on your closeness with Suwarna. Gayu says times up. Kartik says we will meet tomorrow. Naira jokes. Kirti takes Kartik. Kartik and Naira give flying kiss to each other.

Naksh says there is no proper kite, will we take this to Naira’s inlaws. Naira says I will make kites, I did this in orphanage. Baisa says we have to make her forget orphanage thing, I did not let them invite her ashram friends. Bhabhimaa says Naira will get annoyed. Baisa says I m doing this for her good. Naira says Goenkas will see kites of Singhanias. Naksh says you will change side tomorrow, bet on that.

Its morning, Singhanias greets Goenkas. Naira and Kartik see each other and smile. Aditya stares at Naira. Kartik asks where is Rajshri aunty. Kartik calls Rajshri. Vishwamber says he should not know it. She answers call. Kartik says you made me out of heart. Rajshri says no. Kartik asks why did you not come to our house. Naitik tells Manish that they are our family, we did not differentiate between them and our family, my mum died long time back, and Rajshri is like my mum. Naira tells Rajshri that she is annoyed with him.

Naitik asks Manish not to do this again. Kartik says I will talk to you from now. Rajshri says no, we had to visit relatives, we will leave now. Kartik asks her to come soon. Rajshri says we can’t come, sorry. Naitik says they did not differentiate between me and their son, my responsibility got high after Akshara left, I will not turn face away. Rajshri cries and tells Vishwamber that Samdhis are always Samdhi in world’s sight. Naitik says Rajshri did not wish to spoil your mood, maybe I won’t be quiet always. Dadi asks everyone to come. Naksh asks will their thread be organic.

The driver takes car reverse and hits the board. Manish scolds the driver. Mansi worries. Naksh says its okay, it happens. Mansi falls. Kartik and Naira hold her. Mansi says car accident. Kartik says its small thing, its not accident. Akhilesh and Surekha make her quiet. Manish says nothing happened Mansi. Akhilesh says she has weak heart, we will take her. They go.

Aditya says the competition should be tough. Dadi asks them to have sweets. Kirti says Dadi told about a game. Dadi says its ritual. She asks Naira and Kartik to come. She says this is til filled plates, you will find the things hidden in it, I will tell something about it. Kartik and everyone cheer for Naira. Naira takes out sun and shows fire. Kartik finds and shows moon. Mishti asks what does this mean. Dadi says moon means calm, spreading love, and sun means fire, which burns everything, fire burns every badness, relations join taking rounds around fire. Kartik says it means I m better than Naira. Dadi says moon gets eclipse and brings darkness in everyone’s life. Kirti says yes, when Kartik gets angry, he does not listen. Kartik says we are perfect for each other, one angry and other calm. Dadi says yes, its good else destruction, I wish you both understand each other’s nature, we will have kite competition now.

Kirti helps Naksh and gives him thread. Aditya scolds her and asks her to make protein shake. Kirti says I got it, you went to attend call. He asks can’t you give it to my hand. She says sorry don’t shout. He says I m Goenka family son in law, I can do anything. He goes. Naksh sees Kirti.

Kartik shows the gift to Naira. Naira shows gift for him. He signs her to come. Bhabhimaa says I like the juice. Dadi says we get organic fruits. The men ignite fire by coal. Naira walks by and slps. Aditya holds her. She goes away. He pulls her dupatta away. She looks at him.

Kartik looks on and angrily runs to Naira. He hugs Naira. He thanks Aditya. Naira looks at Kartik. Aditya blows off the fire in dupatta end and gives the dupatta to Kartik. Kartik makes Naira wear her dupatta. Aditya says sorry Naira, I was tensed seeing fire. Kartik says its okay. Aditya says tell her to forgive me, sorry Naira. He goes smiling. Kartik hugs Naira and asks are you fine.

Naksh pulls kite structure seeing the sunlight bothering elders. Kirti looks on and smiles. Aditya taunts Kirti for smiling seeing Naksh. She asks him to think and talk. Aditya sees Kartik and Naira, and says Kartik got a good fate. Kartik cheers up Naira. They have a cute talk. Yeh rishta kya….plays….

Dadi says we will enjoy seeing them flying kite. Naira goes to fly kite. Dadi gets annoyed. 

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