Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 05 September 2017 Episode Written Update, First Episode Update

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 05th September 2017 Written Episode, YUDKBH First Episode Written Update, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Story

Today’s (05.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai episode starts with a grown up Naina talks about her city as a narrator. She says her city which is so busy today was once a laid back city. This city is where home belongs. She says in 30 years some i have changed and so haas my school Pragati -Vidya Ka Mandir. She says but after 30 years your school is very much your own. She takes us to flashback when Naina was 16 year old going to her school on her cycle.

She says those days our world was limited just like the tipli game (eight square game). She says it was just about going to school, friends and family. Grown up Naina says though i have won many awards as a writer, nothing is more happier than seeing your name on the toppers list in your own school. She says 1989 was my year 10th when i had topped in my school. year 1989 was the year till when i had never lied in my life. It is the same year when my story starts…

Ahmedabad 1990:

Then there was only one radio channel that made us hear both old and new songs. Naina is going with her cousin Preeti to school on a cycle. They hear the their favourite song gazab ka hai din on radio and stop to hear it. Naina as Narrator says that those days talking to each other meant a lot as we didn’t have video calling like these days. People used to que up at std and PCO booths at 6.00 pm itself as after 9.00 pm they would be charged double. (Naina and cousin are riding to the school on cycle). Naina (narrator) says its is those days when Sachin had made wonders in International cricket. Those days seeing films was a big deal be it in theaters or getting rented video players (VCR) as after 12 hours we were charged extra. Those days we didn’t have printed banners but hand painted coloured banners. Aamir Khan was not a perfectionist, Shah rukh Khan was not a King Khan and Salman Khan was not Bhaijaan, he was only Prem, those days mornings were different, it had hope and was special. And a girl studying in her 11th class, her all days are special. Naina’s friend shows her hair cut. Naina is happy to see her step cut and asks its just like Madhuri Dixit’s hair cut. Naina says did your parents allow you. She says no and shows how she will hide it with her hair band. Naina says, i can never dream to have this hair cut, imagine what will my Tauji and taiji do when they find out. She says let’s go to out class, today we will find our maths results. The maths teacher enters the class and all the boys jaw drop seeing her. grown up Naina (Narrator) says that their maths teacher was not only good looking but she was good at teaching maths. Match teacher give sout test papers along with results and says let me announce who has is topper in the test. naina assumes she has topped and gets up. Teachers says, No Naina, sit down, she gives another boy’s name from the class who is totally surprised. Naina is not sure and re calculates her scores. She points out to the teacher that her teacher gave her 3 marks instead of 4 for a question, hence she missed her top position. The maths teachers tells the class, yes Naina has topped the class once again like always, she is not only smart but confident about herself and believes in her potential.

Naina as Narrator says here i was dying for one marks and there a guy was not bothered about his life. 1500 Kms far away, there was a cool and completely impractical guy in Nainital called sameer. Sameer is on his roller skates and is re creating Ajay Devgan’s scene from phool aur kaante, where Ajay is standing in between two bikes, here Sameer is on his skates taking support of his two friends who are on the bike. His friends tell him to be careful as principal’s car is coming from other direction. Sameer tries to stop but bumps into the car. The car front window breaks and the principal is upset. 

Naina as Narrator says after this happened i will tell you later…Let em introduce you to my family…a lady is dancing on song salame ishq meri jaan song, Naina’s Taiji is doing puja in the house, she sees Naina’s chachi dancing, chachi is shocked, she sings spiritual song, when Taiji goes, she goes back to singing Rekha’s song. Naina and her cousin enter Chachi’s room, her chappal breaks and she curses them. Naina and her cousin tell Chachi dialogue from Maine Pyaar kiya “aaj kal room lock karne ka zamana nahin raha”. They laugh. Taiji sees them giggling and stares at them. All of them sing spiritual song. Chachi says what kismat i have, my jethani is my neighbour who watches me 24 hours. Her elder daughter comes and says mummy you are still not ready, Chachi says why are your rushing, not like your are getting married, Naina asks chachi where are your going, she says we are going to see third floor aunty’s shaadi dahej (dowry), let me go and see how much dahej parents of girl child have to give. Naina says, Chachi dahej is a wrong practice nah..and why do you want to see what some else is giving, Naina’s elder cousin sister Pooja says if we don’t see, then how will we know, tomorrow when i marry, my mother should know all of this…Naina says if you want to know, fin out about our marks, today in maths test i scored highest..Naina’s younger cousin Preeti  is worried to tells her marks, Elder cousin asks what have you scored Preeti. You have passed nah…She lies getting 17 marks…Chachi says but real test is when a boy comes to see a girl for marriage. She says i am worried about your marriage Naina, you don’t look pretty like Pooja nor you have money like her father. God is your saviour. She says God is there for all, like how Chacha got married to you, some one will marry us. 

Preeti and Naina go to room, Naina talks about marks difference in her maths test results, Preeti closes the room door, Preeti is changing her test result from 7 to 17. Niana is shocked to know Preeti is failed and she lied too. Naina says what if Tauji finds it out. Preeti tells her to not say anything. Naina says i will not lie. Preeti requests her be silent. Naina is adamant not to lie.

Narrator Naina says i could see future at that time, i would have never said then that i will never lie in my life. But someone was there, for whom i could lie and what not did i do.

Sameer is tensed outside Principal’s office. Principal warns Sameer that i am giving you last warning, tell me the truth, tell me rahul and Kabir were on bike with you, sameer says they were tourists, Principal says, do i look like a fool to you.

Narrator Naina says Sameer didn’t says his friends name, i topped  in my studies but sameer passed in Dosti test. principal says you leave me with no choice, i will call you dad. Narrator Naina says for his friend’s sake, Sameer had to leave his Boarding, But dat day he was not going home but to his nana’s (grand parents house) in Ahmedabad. That day, two good things happened, we got TV in our house. The cable guy is putting cable on terrace, while Naina is trying to see if signal is coming. Naina is happy to see Chandni song. She tells the cable guy not to move. Naina and her cousin  enjoy dancing. Her Tauji and Taiji enter the house and see them dancing. They are shocked. Taiji says this TV Box should be thrown out of house, look how the girls were freely dancing. Naina’s Chachi says today only TV has come and your are already asking to throw it out. The girls were only seeing. Taiji says, they were dancing. She Naiana, what if people see you dancing like dat, your Tuaji is a big lawyer, Chacha is a CA and your father, she stops,, there’s silence. Naina’s  Chacha says don’t worry i will explain them. Tauji says what will you explain, she is a child without father and we though you have two daughter, she will also learn good, but you .. what can we expect from you, he says Anand don’t forget i got you to town and made you capable. Tauji says Naina you don’t have any father or mother to tell you anything, you will do whatever your want. Naina says this is story of those days when little dancing could create a Big scene.

Naina and her cousin go to market. She and Sameer cross each other and their hands touch each other, Naina feels something and looks back at Sameer. Sameer asks for mineral water. Shopkeeper asks is anybody sick in the house, .. says No. Naina as Narrator says in those days people asking mineral water just like that were considered crazy. ..trips and sees naian eating pani Puri, .. feels him behind her.. He notices a his chewing gum stuck on Naina’s hair. He gives a small chit to little boy who goes and gives it to Naiana. naina sees it and there’s a drawing of something on a her head. She does not understand. 

Ye Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 06 September 2017 Precap:

Naina’s notices chewing gum stuck on her hair. Her cousin asks her to cut her hair.

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