Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 07 September 2017 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 07th September 2017 Written Update, YUDKBH o7 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (07.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Full episode written update starts with Naina’s Chachi is scolding her for cutting her hair. Naina’s Taiji gets upset about Naina’s hair cut and she starts yelling at her too. Taiji blames bela Chachi also for spoiling the kids. Naina’s Chacha tries to come to their rescue, but Tauji stops him. Naina’s chachi keeps beating them while both Naina and Preeti escape her beating.

Naiana as Narrator says that after Tauji and Taiji are happy with the daily dose of drama and Chachi is tired of beating us, it was time for punishment.

Bela Chachi tells Naina and Preeti to get the wheat crushed from the vendor in the market area. Narrator Naina says these days girls go for movie and dates and we used to go to flour mill. But those days romance used to happen at such places only. Sameer passes by Naina in the market and she feels presence of someone from behind (background music plays). A auto with loudspeaker makes announcement about Golden Circus. Naina and preeti tell the flour mill guy that they would come back in half an hour. Naina and Sameer again pass by each other but do not look at each other.

Naina and Preeti are busy enjoying the circus on the road while Naina’s duppatta is stuck in between a hole of a window of a small store where Sameer is buying his drink. Sameer hurts himself as he opens the cap of cola bottle and his hands start bleeding. He notices a clot (Naina’s duppatta) and tears it to cover his wound while Naina is unaware about this. He again leaves and she feels something (kuch kuch hota hai!!) but she doesn’t get a clear look at him. She keeps looking at him from behind while he is going away.

Naina and Preeti head back to flour mill and Naina finds out that her duppatta is torn. Both sisters are tensed as it is Pooja’s Di favourite dupatta. She says what is happening to me, earlier someone put chewing gum on my hair and i am already being punished for it, and now this duppatta. Preeti says that you can tei it around your tummy just like Sridevi did in Chandni and hide it, tomorrow make some excuse that mouse tore it. Naiana says i cannot lie in front of other as we have been already caught once. She says tell the the truth.

Sameer’s mother is closing the trunk and cannot, Sameer sees his mother struggling. Sameer’s mother is talking to his step dad that Sameer is not ready to understand her and continues talking about him, while Sameer closes the trunk for his mother. After she is done with her phone Sameer’s Nana tells Sameer’s mother that after your second marriage, sameer is broken, he advices her to once talk to him with love. 

Next day Sameer’s cousin (Pinky Musi ka bada ladka) comes to meet Sameer and suggest him to come to his school once which is a very nice Hindi medium school (Naina’s school). Sameer snubs him at first, his cousin feels disheartened and is about to leave. sameer says i was kidding, come and hug me.

At Naina’s house, Chachi yells at her for her torn duppatta. Taiji thinks that she is involved with some boy and is making up stories. She balmes Bela again and says that because of this girl, your name will be spoiled. There is a lot of argument over this and then Naina’s Chacha comes to her rescue and tells Taiji to stop making such a big issue out of torn duppatta. Naina appreciates her chacha taking her side and being her strength.

At breakfast, Sameer’s mother makes his favourite paratha and he is surprised. He rolls and eats paratha, she tells him to eat properly, he says now your love has gone all of a sudden. She says ok, have like you want, i am sorry. She again brings topic of saying sorry to his step father and how much he cares. He says i will say sorry but i wont go to Nainital. She continues to be angry with him and he leaves the breakfast table. She blames him that everytime he does this and leaves his food half way, he blames her that every time you too bring up issues while i am eating food and leaves. Nanaji sees this argument.

Naina’s friend Swati talks about how she didn’t get selected for the Shakespeare drama as it was in English and wished it was in Hindi. Naina corrects her pronunciation of Shakespeare and says its Juliet and not Madhuri Dixit lines. She says i remember all Juliet’s dialogue. She says i wish Lochan Sir gives me a chance, i can easily do my part. Sameer comes to in the school to meet his cousin, Naina is in the cafeteria for her lunch. Sameer’s cousin is talking about his cousin Sameer from  Nainital and how he is good in English. Narrator Naina says those days for us even Nainital was like Oxford. Sameer’s cousin sees Sameer and gets excited. He calls out for Sameer and tells him to come to cafeteria. Naina again feels something as Sameer passes by her from behind. Sameer meets his cousin’s friends who are curious to know about his english school ways. Can you speak english fast fast? 

Narrator Naina says Sameer became instant hero with his english walking and talking. Naina notices sameer (his back facing her) while he is talking about himself with his cousin’s friends.  She asks her friend what is happening in that group. Her friends it must be there own stuff, let’s have lunch. Her friend is happy to see Aloo parata in Naina’s lunch box, but Naina refuse to share and they have sweet argument. a Boy comes and tells Naina that Lochan sir has called for you. Swati says may be he is called you for the english drama. Go soon. Naina says what is you eat my paratha, swati swears i won’t it. 

Sameer tells his new friends who talks about studies at school. His cousin asks what do you do? He says fun. lets play Antakshari. One of the boys says we only play it for girls, Sameer says we have girls here too, they start the game, Sameer starts to sing first, all the girls are looking at him with love. 

Naina is telling her lines of Juliet in front of Lochan sir, she says without any feelings and Lochan sir says that Romeo will go to sleep and it will already be tragic end of the story. He says you cannot memorize the lines buy say them with emotions. Sameer gives his cousin money to order for samosa and cold drink. 

Narrator Naina talks about how much a Rs 5 note in those days could buy you so many things, the students in canteen were buying things with small change money. Sameer sees Naina’s tiffin box with paratha, he picks it up and decides to eat. Sameer and his cousin continue Antakshari while girls look at him. Naina is playing the tipli game (eight square box game). Episode ends.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Precap:

Swati says i think today will be a very good day for you, what if you meet your Romeo today, Naina says don’t say anything.

Taiji slaps Naina, Preeti is shocked.

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