Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 15 September 2017 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Written Update 15th September 2017, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai 15 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (15.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai episode starts with Naina coming to class. Sameer calls Sanjay and asks him to write best doha suitable for today. Sameer likes doha on the board. Naina thinks Sameer wrote doha to pacify her, but she got to know that he wrote that to tease her. Teacher comes to class. Student tells her that when he came to school wearing chappal, Naina got him punished. He asks why she is wearing chappal now. Teacher scolds Naina for coming to school to wearing chappal and asks her to lift her hands and stands outside. Sameer thinks once Principal punishes her, I will get my revenge. He looks at her.

Bela asks Pooja to make food. Pooja says she will not make. Chacha says he will take them to have food outside. Naina says some surprise was waiting for her. She thinks her punishment and enjoyment were connected with Sameer. Arjun promises to get shoes for her and asks her to eat. Swati calls her.

Sameer is with his friends and acts as if he is acting for Advertisement of Rasna. He says I love you Rasna. Naina imagines him saying I love you Naina. Rakesh comes to Naina and asks her to keep some books. Sameer asks who is he? His friends say he is Rakesh sir, librarian of the school and Naina’s father. Sameer realizes that he had hidden Naina’s shoes in his scooter and tells his friends to divert him till he gets the shoes from the scooter. His friend tries to divert Rakesh. Sameer gets shoes from Rakesh’s scooter and runs. He walks and falls down. Naina comes from the opposite side and sees him. An old song plays……Sameer tells her hi. Naina says this is my shoes and asks where he found? He says he found it in the bushes. Naina gets happy. Her voiceover tells that Sameer gave the shoes back while trying to hide it, and says she still keeps those shoes. Naina comes back home and tells that she got her shoes. Bela says we will go out for dinner today. Pooja says she is not getting a good guy. Bela says you will soon get.

They come to have food at La Garden. Sameer is also there. Arjun says they shall try new dish Pizza. Voiceover says it was Ahmedabadi Pizza with dry fruits. Sameer gets it and asks why dry fruits are on it. Bela says she will eat pav bhaji. Chacha says some guys are smoking cigarette there and says they shall have at this stall only. Naina sees Sameer having cigarette.

Later Naina tells Preeti that Chacha was saying cigarette is injurious to health. Preeti says even Suman says the same. Naina asks neighbor Suman. Preeti says no Prem ki Suman of Maine Pyaar Kiya. She says it is good that he gave your shoes else would have sold it for cigarette. Naina tells her that she has to make him leave smoking. A teacher asks Rakesh about Arjun. Rakesh says Arjun was man of match in Delhi match and will soon give tough competition to newcomer Sachin Tendulkar. Teacher tells that even Naina is very intelligent and became class monitor. Rakesh says he feels proud because of his son. Later he finds Naina reading book on smoking in library. Naina gets tensed.

Sameer smokes cigarette and throws it. Naina happens to witness it. Principal asks Naina to tell the truth. Naina tells that she saw Sameer throwing cigarette. Principal slaps Sameer.

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