Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 27 September 2017 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 27th September 2017 Written Update, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (27.09.2017) Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) episode featuring Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai) starts with Naina and Preeti come home, Preeti says Aamir’s new movie Dil will be coming soon, she hopes the movie is super hit, Naina is memorizing Sameer’s phone number, she looks for telephone directory, Preeti says i hope amir becomes super star with this movie, i am his big fans, Naina tells her you are her of all three of them, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, and want all of them to he super star.

Naina’s voice over says it is those days when aamir, Salman and Shah rukh were on their way to be super stars.

Naina looks for directory, here Chachi spots her and asks her what is she looking for, she says the yellow book/dairy of phone numbers.

Naina’s voice over says it is those days when we should to depend on yellow phone directory for finding numbers of people unlike today’s internet age.

Chachi asks her whose number is she looking for, Naina makes an excuse that she was only looking for it as her Chachi said to take of things, Chachi is about to question more just then Dhobi comes, Chachi gets into argument with him.

Naina thinks of calling Sameer and trying all the possible combination off rom 1-9 of the last digit of the phone number, She tries from 1 to 8 but doesn’t hear Sameer’s voice, she is worried as Chachi can anytime find her on phone, she tries last digit with 9 and Sameer picks up the phone, Naina is happy to hear his voice, Chachi shouts loudly, Naina keeps down the phone.

Sometime later, Naina’s Chachi tells her that she has to call someone for Pooja’s Rishta, she asks her to help her dial number, but Chachi forgets the landline number, she tells her press re-dial as she was speaking on that number before the Dhobi came. Naina is in a fix as she had dialed sameer’s number after that, She presses re-dial, Sameer’s Naina picks up phone, Chachi asks who are you, he says you say who you want, she asks for the lady, he says she does not stay here, Chachi says where does she stay then, Nana gets angry. Sameer takes the phone and starts talking in English, Chachi gets confused and tells Naina to talk to the guy, Naina takes the phone and hears Sameer’s voce, She is happy to hear him again.

Sameer keeps the phone when no one answers from other side, Chachi asks what was the guy saying, Naina says wrong number, Chachi says why you didn’t say anything, Naina says the line was not clear.

Naina’s voice over says that day was lucky as i got to hear Sameer’s voice twice.

Next day at school, Naina is refilling her pen with ink, she sees Sameer coming, She shakes her pen and ink spills on his shirt, she says sorry, he says its ok, she gives her napkin to him, he cleans his shirt, she says this is not going, Sameer says it will not go, he sits on bench next to her and tells her if she can wait a little late after school for his studies, he says i have to practice for sports also, she says ok. His friends call him out.

Rakesh is making name plate with his name and designation as librarian, Chachi and Taiji spot him and they tunt, he also taunts them back over his worth etc…

Naina is sitting in library, Sameer comes with a Samsosa Plate and is eating, Naina says this is against rule to eat in library, he says i like to break rules, they start studying, he puts his pencil in his mouth, she tells him to take out, he tells her Naina, Sachin took two hours to teach me this concept and you have taught me this in just two minutes. he says Naina you are too good..i love.. and stops, Naina is surprised, they pack up, Naina is happy, he tells her to wish him luck and it is important for him to be the head boy.

Next day, Sameer comes on his bike to school and parks it the parking spot of Naina’s father Rakesh, his friends suggest not to do so as it has always been Rakesh’s parking spot, he says its okay if i do it for today, Rakesh comes on his bajaj scooty, he shouts at them, the boys runs away.

The other staff teachers come and tell him that he can’t do anything, this guy own the place, Rakesh says what are you saying, they enjoy in telling him that his cabin will no longer be made, They tell him that Sameer’s Nana is a big rich guy and we think decided to cancel the cabin for you. Rakesh says how can this happen, he is upset with injustice.

Naina’s voice over says that my father was never going to get a cabin of his own as this was other staff teachers joke with him, but they didn’t know that this fun would cost so much to my love story ahead.

Rakesh is making up in front of Taiji, Tauji and everyone that he sacrifice his cabin for the sake of school, Chachi and Taiji say that he has never sacrificed a small thing in life, and we know how you would not sacrifice you cabin. He says you guys don’t leave reason to humiliate me, but i will tell you, my name will be praised soon, and my son Arjun will make me proud some day, he will become the head boy of school, he puts pressure of Arjun and makes him promise to win head boy of school against Same er and show that guy that he could be rich but you have talent. Naina overhears this and is sad.

Naina’s voice over says it is those days when my blessing were divided between my brother and my love.

YUDKBH 28 September 2017 Precap:

Naina is talking to Sameer over phone that she is late but she will meet him for his studies. he says please come, Rakesh over hears.

Sameer and his friends are shocked to see Rakesh dragging Naina and coming towards them.

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