Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11 September 2017 Written Episode YUDKBH Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Written Update 11th September 2017, YUDKBH 11 September 2017 Written Update, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Full Episode Written Update

Today’s (11.09.2017) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with sameer meets Principal Pandey asks Sameer that if he has been an english medium student then why does he want admission in a hindi medium school. Sameer manages to convince him about his love for his country and the language. Principal says these days it is rare to see youngsters having such thoughts.

Sameer asks a boy about the school loo. He enters in to girls loo instead of boys loo and is washing is face when naian enters the girls loo. She is shocked to see a boy and runs out immediately. She goes to Swati and tells her about a boy being in their loo. She says how can a boy neter the loo just like that, Swati asks her forget how come, how did the boy look like, Naina says i didn’t see his face, Swati says may be he was your prince charming, Naina says don’t says anything, Swati reminds her of the scene from Maine Pyaar Ki where Salman Khan aka Prem talk about aaj kal room lock karne ka zamana nahin raha. They get carried away and sing song from Maine Pyaar Kiya

Naina’s Chacha, Chachi, Tuaji and Taiji see them singing in the school and Taiji yells at Naina, what is she doing. Naina is shocked to see them and gets nervous.

Narrator Naina says in those days parents could enter the school just like that without any permissions. Taiji asks Naina what does she come to school for, singing? Naian’s teacher sees the drama in the school lobby and suggests Naina’s folks to clear their issue in a corner. Naina’s classmate pandit asks what the matter uncle, Naiana’s teacher tells him to mind his business.

In the corner, Tauji asks who wrote this love letter to you, how come it came in your books, Naian says i don’t know, Taiji blames Chachiji that she has no clues what the girls are up to, She says i can figure out she is doing its for the same boy for whom she cut her hair, she tore her duppatta for him, Naina says no, Chacha comes to her rescue that naian will not lie in front of us, she really has no idea, Chachi also pretends to have trust on Naina since Taiji was targeting her parvarish. Naina is glad that Cahcha helped her this time too and she says how importants it is that your elders trust you.

Naina’s family go to Principal, he says this has never happened in our school, i am worried about school reputation, Tauji says you are not worried about about our daughter or waht, Pandey tells his teacher to find out the boy who wrote this love letter.

The teacher makes all the boys write Dear and their name in Hindi to find out the boy based on his writing while the girls in the class wonder why is teacher doing this.

Narrator Naian says that one house was difficult for me and questions that why does a girl has to give certificate of  her character and is questioned every time.

In the end, teacher finds out that its is Sanjay from the class who wrote the letter, All the boys are shocked that why would sanjya write the letter when we are scared to think about her. Sanjay says he did it by mistake, principal says sorry will not do, get your parents to school tomorrow, Tauji says this boy will have to clear his dirty mind and naina will put rakhi on his hands, all boy and girls laugh off. naina ties Rakhi to sanjya and he says from today you are my sister.

Naina as Narrator says that till date i have been sending rakhi to Sanjay and he considers me as his sister! 

Sameer’s Nana is upset with his uncle that he got Sameeer’s admission done in a Hindi medium instead of St. Xaviers which is English medium, Sameer hints his uncle to cover up, Uncle says Xaviers admission was full and Sameer’s one year would have wasted. Sameer too convinces his Nana that he wants to be like him and medium does not matter.

At naina’s home, Taiji and Tauji are upset that Naina and the girls are talking to boys, Chacha says that the girls and boys are studying together, they will have to interact with boys, Tauji says things may be changing in the world but we cannot see our girls talking to boys or doing love marriage.

Narrator Naina says that day i had decided that i will never fall in love.

Next day sameer enters the school in his car and is looking around the school, Naina’s classmate Pandit and other other boys tease sanjya about his daring to write a letter to Naina. They all go to Naina and say from today Naina is our sister too and we will be brother to all the girls whose name is Naina. 

Naina tells Swati how she has decide to stay way from love after this love letter episode.

Some boys comment on Sameer about how he is showing off, a boy throws a basket ball at him, Sameer tell them to first learn to play the game. He plays basketball with them, He is about to score but a boy pushes him off and comments hey Rich Boy looks like you haven’t drank your mother’s milk, Sameer gets up and runs towards the boy, the boy runs away from him, Naina is coming from other side, Sameer is almost about to bump into her, but she manages to keep distance, they look at each other (maine pyaar kia title track plays) as Naina looks at him. 

Narrator Naina says that day i didn’t understand what was happening to me, what is this feeling, Sameer gets into a fight with the boy and Sameer is about to smash his face but stops. 


Naina is in the principal’s room. The other boys complain about Sameer getting into a fight with them, the boys asks Naina to be their eye witness, Naina looks at Sameer and is in a fix.




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