Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13 July 2018 Written Update YUDKBH Written Episode

Sony TV Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th July 2018 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update

Today’s (13.07.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with –

Sameer says he is not able to start the car.Naina panics and scolds Sameer, she is very scared. Saeer tells Naina to not to worry, Naina is extremely tensed . Sameer checks what’s wrong with the car,Naina says she was saying that they shouldn’t have come so far.

Preeti decides to attend to the guests . Swati comes to Naina’s house, Taiji is upset that Swati is attending their party but chacha tells taiji that he called Swati. chachi asks Swati that if she has come here then where is Swati and is she alone in college. Swati tells Chachi that Kmaya is in college with Naina,chachi says okay. Preeti tells Swati that she is very worried as Naina hasn’t come yet.

Naina goes to the PCO and calls home, she tells Preeti about the entire problem. Preeti scolds her, she tells her that everyone has come for the party.She tells Naina how chacha chachi have invited so many people including Swati and they have planned a nice big surprise party for Naina.Naina feels very guilty.

Taiji and Chachi asks Preeti who’s call it was, she tells chachi that it was Naina and her extra class has started late so she will come late.

Naina tells Sameer that she always said taht they should stop roaming around together.She says that they met chachi in the theatre on the day of Beta and now this new chaos. Sameer calls Munna and Pandit but both are some place else,they aren’t in Ahmedabad. Sameer feels sorry. Sameer says that he made this plan with all his heart and its not fair to blame him for the car’s sudden breakdown.He tells Niana that he will manage something.

At Sameer’s home,Mama Mami have called Munna and bhabhi bhaiyya mama mami everyone is interrogating him about Sameer’s whereabouts.  Bhabhi calls Munna and tells him that she has made tasty pakode, Munna comes home and falls in the trap. Munna doesn’t want to tell anything but Sameer’s family isn’t ready to let him go. Bhaiyya says that everyone is really worried so he should tells them where Sameer is. Munna thinks how will he tell them that Sameer is with Naina. Finally Munna tells them that Sameer is with Pandit. Mama has already called Pandit so he knows where Pandit is,Mama says taht Pandit is in Jamnagar with his family and so everyone understands that Munna is lying.Munna says he swears on his family because he also doesn’t know where Sameer is. Bhabhi says to bhaiyya that they should go out and see where Sameer is.

Sameer narrates that time is the worst enemy ,worse than Gabbar Singh, because time doesn’t think about annyone’s birthdays or parties, and there is no possible way to kill this enemy (time)

Naina waits near the roadside to ask for a life,she almost gets run down by a car,Sameer saves her and scolds her. Naina asks Sameer if he has watched Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin because only girls get lifts. Sameer tells her that she hasn’t watched the movie properly because Pooja Bhatt gets into trouble after getting lift. Naina prays to God to take her home.Sameer and Naina see a car coming. They request the couple to drop them in Ahmedabad.The couple agrees,Naina is relieved that she is getting a lift.Naina thanks God for helping her and she tells God that she will never come this far .

In the car, the people tell Naina and Sameer that they are all friends and they are going for a party ,their friend’s birthday party. Sameer tells them that it’s Naina’s birthday, they sing happy birthday for Naina.

At home, Tauji says that he is leaving as its very late and he hasn’t waited for his client also for so long. Chacha ji requests him to stay. Swati tells Preeti to call Kamya and tell her to wait for Naina to come or else everyone will doubt that Niana and Kamya are coming from different places.

Naina narrates that it is said that parents should punish their kids when they steal 1 rupee from them,but in our case it was like our letters didn’t get caught, we got away with the phone calls ,then there was a bike ride ,then a movie and now a small picnic …..Naina says that on that day they knew that they got away with all the thefts before but now this was too big to get overlooked by their families.

Preeti calls Kamya, her mom says that she ahs already left and she must be reaching Naina’s place soon. Till the time she cuts the call , Kamya is already home and Chachi asks her where Niana is. Kmaya says that she is still busy with the class , she wanted to tell her that there is a party at home but she thought that she will ruin their efforts so she didn’t tell Naina. Chachi says she did the right thing, but she worries what she is going to tell all the guests.Chacha says that she will come home, he says that in 18 years this is the first time we are throwing a party so she obviously doesn’t have any idea that she needs to come home early. Chach says lets play antakshari till the time Niana comes back.

Preeti thanks Kamya for making a good excuse. Everyone prays that Naina would come back early.

In Sameer and Naina’s car, the entire group gets scared seeing police near the checkpost.Naina Sameer don’t understand why they are so scared of the police.The police tell the group to show them what they have kept in the car, they find a huge crate of alcohol bottles.Naina and Sameer are terrified.

PRECAP:16/07/2018 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – It’s 12:30 in the night, Mama ,Sameer, Naina, chacha ,Naina’s dad,tauji,Naina’s chachi everybody is crying..

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