Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13 June 2018 Written Update YUDKBH Written Episode

Sony TV Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Written Update

Today’s (13.06.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) episode starts with –

Shefali gives Arjun lunch. Arjun says no I am not hungry. Shefali asks Arjun if he also thinks like taiji and doesn’t eat in non vegetarians house. Arjun gets angry and asks her why she keeps comparing him with taiji all the time. Shefali says relax , and she tells him that he looks cute when he gets angry. Shefali and Arjun start having food. Shefali isn’t able to eat,she asks Arjun if he can feed her,Arjun feels scared . He chokes and starts coughing, Shefali goes to get him water. Arjun sees Shefali’s dress zip is open. He starts reciting hanuman chalisa, Shefali comes with water and asks him what happened, he closes his eyes hesitates and tells her that her zip is open. Shefali feels embarrassed, she tries to zip up her drss but her hand hurts. She asks Arjun to pull the zip. With a great difficulty, Arjun gets up,he closes his eyes and pulls up the chain. Shefali smiles.

Naina narrates that our love story was going so slow,we were taking one run at a time that so with a great difficulty but Arjun bhaiyya and Shefali’s love story was hitting fours and sixes. Naina narrates that it was as if somebody had fit an engine in a bullock cart,Arjun bhaiyya was the bullock cart and Shefali was the engine. Naina laughs.

Naina and Preeti sit in the canteen with Sameer and Munna Pandit. Naina tries to make Sameer notice that she has done waxing and threading. She thinks Sameer will compliment her but Sameer doesn’t notice anything.

Naina narrates that she felt very angry on that day,because she had tolerated so much of pain because of threading and waxing and he did not notice anything.

Sunaina comes to Sameer’s table and tells him that she is sorry she couldn’t visit his home. Naina gets angry. Karthik comes to the table and comments on Sameer’s shaving trial, Sameer gets angry.Karthik taunts Sameer for having no beard yet,he says he is not a grown man he is still a mama’s boy. Sameer gets angry and goes to punch Karthi,Munna and Pandit also go to hit Karthik’s friends. Sunaina feels annoyed and she tells them to stop,Karthi doesn’t budge so she leaves. Naina tells Sameer to not hit anyone, Preeti tells Munna and Pandit to control their anger.

Karthik and his group goes away. Naina glares at Sameer. The waiter comes with their order and he sneezes, he is about to spill the soup on Naina and Sameer but Sameer holds the tray.

Munna Pandit and Preeti say thank God they are okay. Munna blurts out if he had spilled the soup then Sameer’s foundation would have washed away,Preeti at the same time says that Naina’s kajal would have worn off.

Because Preeti and Munna speak at the same time nobody really understands anything. Sameer and Naina feel tensed for a second but then they also understand that nobody really understood anything.Sameer and Naina sigh with relief.

Naina narrates that on that day,Sameer and I both wished for only one thing that their secret shouldn’t be revealed to each other and they were saved. Naina narrates that they told each other what had happened after a few years. Naina laughs .She says but because Sameer didn’t find out her kajal secret and she didn’t know about his foundation thing, they were saved and they kept doing more such funny things ahead.

PRECAP: 14 June 2018 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Naina’s chacha has invited guests over for dinner, chachi and Naina aren’t able to cook.


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