Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18 June 2018 Written Update YUDKH Written Episode

Sony TV Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Written Update

Today’s (18.06.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode starts with-

Swati cries. Naina and Preeti try to console her.Sameer tells Swati that Munna only wanted to help her ,Swati angily says she never told him to help her. Swati says the principal insulted her by thinking that she and Munna come to college for romance. Naina says we did wrong but she should understand that Munna’s intention was good. Munna also cries.

Sameer narrates that that day we thought that by marking Swati’s attendance Munna had passed her test of love but things turned the other way around sadly….

Arjun thinks he will apologise to Shefali ,he says he will give chocolates and flowers to Shefali. Shefali comes to his house looking for Naina and Preeti. Shefali opens the magazine, she says I want to see what you guys like so much in it.She says they will read it together,Arjun feels scared and says I odn’t read it and I can’t open it in my house.Shefali laughs and says lets read it together. Arjun says no….Shefali tells him to promise her that he will return the magazine to his friend next day.Arjun says okay. Shefali asks Arjun if he understands what love is,Arjun asks her what she means,Shefali says that love is when you discuss things and sort out the matters ,she says love is when we accept each others thoughts Arjun agrees. Shefali says she thinks she Arjun and Naina and Sameer should have a nice life . Arjun suddenly shouts at her and asks if Naina is still meeting Sameer. Shefali says no she left that long back but she gets angry at Arjun and says she thinks he still needs to work on his thinking.She leaves the house.

Sameer narrates that if a car doesn’t have petrol then that’s a problem,if the car is overflowing with petrol then also it is a problem. Sameer says this is a good analogy for love, too much is also a problem like Munna and too less is also a problem like Arjun bhaiyya.

It’s night.Naina calls Sameer and plays a song on her tape,Sameer tells her to stop the song. Naina understands that Sameer is annoyed she asks what happened. Samer says he is annoyed with Swati. Naina says yeah whatever happened today was bad.Sameer says that it’s Swati’s fault that she spoke so rudely .Naina says Munna also did wrong.Sameer angrily says that all girls are crazy,they want the boys to help but they find mistakes in their actions when they help.Naina says you can’t generalise this to all girls,I am not like that.Sameer says all of you are the same.Sameer says Munna did not have lunch and dinner today.Sameer says that Munna was very happy when Swati had started talking with him, but now he is so upset.Naina cuts the call.  Sameer calls Naina and puts Ilu Ilu song on his tape, Naina smiles.Naina tells him to stop fighting with her,she says that Munna and Swati need their seniors-which is us as our love story began first in our group. Sameer agrees and says sorry for being angry at her also. Naina says okay.

It’s morning. Shefali has a bundle of clothes in her hands and wonders where the press wala is. She sees Arjun near the car, he says he is going with his papa for his meeting.His papa calls him,Arjun tells Shefali to go away.Shefali pulls his leg and goes, but her top is stuck in the mirror handle. Arjun notices it ,Arjun and Shefali have a fnny moment,Arjun intelligently divers his dad’s attention and takes out the top.Shefali then comes there for talking to Arjun’s dad and quickly takes her top from Arjun and leaves.

Preeti says to Naina that Swati shouldn’t have fought so much. Naina says yeah and Munna shouldn’t have done the stunt.Preeti says I won’t let our group fall apart.

Bela chachi,taiji ,chacha  say that Naina’s dad should take his car to the wedding. Naina’s dad refuses, he says we can go by bus. Chacha says how will these ladies wear all the jewelry and sit in the bus? Naina’s dad says fine and agrees but he complains about the petrol prices. Chacha says he will pay for the petrol. Preeti smirks at Naina.

Bela chachi tells chacha that she feels wrong that Naina and Preetiw ill be alone at home when we go for the wedding. Chacha says that they will be fine and Arjun will come back from the practice in the evening. Preeti and Naina tell chacha that they are now responsible and all grown up, chacha hugs them and says they are mischievous.

Naina and Preeti are happy that they are all alone till the evening. They both do a lot of time pass,they dance and have fun.Naina and Preeti put on make up and have fun. Naina thinks baout Sameer. Preeti asks what are you thinking, Naina says she feels like calling Sameer ,they could have met nicely at her place.

Naina narrates that I had crossed all the boundaries during those days.I had become very bold and adventurous,right from sitting on Sameer’s bike to doing waxing I had done it all and that day I was planning to call Sameer home also.Naina laughs.

PRECAP : 19/6/2018 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Naina calls Sameer and tells him to bring Munna to her house and she will call Swati and they will help them patch up. She tells Sameer that she and Preeti are alone till the night time. Bell rings,Preeti opens the door ,Preeti is shocked.

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