Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19 June 2018 Written Update YUDKBH Written Episode

Sony TV serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th June 2018 Written Episode, YUDKBH Written Update

Today’s (19.06.2018) Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) episode starts with-

Preeti tells Naina to call Sameer and call him. Naina says she is scared,Preeti says go ahead no one will find out.

Naina narrates that our emotions also play interesting games with us. Sometimes we laugh when we are angry ,we cry when we are happy and we feel a sense of excitement when we are actually scared. Naina narratesthats he was also feeling scared but then that excitement took over and she called everyone over to her house. 

Naina calls Kamya and she asks her to come to her house. Naina tells her that she is calling the entire group,Kamya asks if she has gone mad,her taiji and Rakesh sir will kill all the boys and them for calling boys at her house. Naina says she and Preeti are alone. Kamya says okay. Then Naina calls Swati also,she is very upset she is lstening to sad songs, but agrees to come.

At Sameer’s place, Sameer and Pandit are sitting quitely in his room. Munna is listening to sad songs. Pandit feels like kicking him,Sameer stops him and says that he is sad and we can’t help it.Till then Sameer gets a call from Nain .Naina calls Sameer , and says she has a plan for Swati and Munna’s patch up. Sheasks him to come home with Munna and Pandit. Naina asks Sameer to get some things while coming home, she tells him to get noodles and vinegar.

Sameer stops Munna’s music. Munna says everyone is troubling me, he tells Pandit to get poison,Pandit says no I won’t let you do that. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit to come over to Naina’s house. Munna says no, Pandit says I know friends are nonthing for you, only Swati matters. munna agrees to come.

At Naina’s place,Preeti and Swati along with Kamaya take out utensils. Swati sits in the living room with Naina’s tape and listens to sad songs. Naina asks her to put something nice,but Swati flatly says that she wants to hear this sand song only. Naina says to Preeti that they should use the new crockery set that chachi got in diwali.Preeti says they ll get into terrible trouble if they use it.Naina says we will wash it properly so no one will find out. They decicise to use the set.

Sameer Munna and Pandit reach Naina’s society. Sameer tells Munna to go first.Munna is carrying all the things,he has a crate of coca cola also.

Naina narrates that on that day my fate was with me,none of the neighbors saw the boys coming which was just so amazing.

Bell rings,Naina and Preeti think  Sameer has come, but its Manju aunty. Manju aunty says taiji asked her to take care of them and cook for them. Naina and Preeti say that their exams are coming so they are studying.Manju aunty says their admission happened recently then how did the exams start so quickly. She says she will atleast cook for them.Naina and Preeti say no they will eat. Sameer Munna Pandit come near the door, Preeti and Naina distract aunty so that she doesn’t see them. They tell her that something is burning,aunty worries that she has left something on the gas ,she leaves.Naina and Preeti tells her that they have eaten and they are going to sleep.Sameer Munna and Pandit wait till Manju anuty closes her door, they hide. Afterwards they come inside Naina’s house.

Sameer welcomes them and tells them all the rules. She tells them to talk softly as the neighbors shouldn’t find out that there are boys in the house. Then she tells them to not go near the windows and balcony because they shouldn’t be seen by anyone. Sameer Munna and Pandit nod in agreement. Preeti smiles and welcomes Sameer and calls him jijaji she says jijiaji has come to his in laws place for the first time and she welcomes him. Sameer smiles and Naina blushes.

Till then Swati comes outside in the living room,she sees everyone,she sees Munna and says she is going to leave. Naina says no don’t leave lets make american chopsuey. Sameer says yes lets get to work. The girls say that the boys will cook. Sameer asks for an apron, Naina gives him a napkin. Sameer cooks and Naina helps him. Everyone is very quiet as Swati and Munna are very sad. Sameer asks everyone why they are so quiet.Naina tells him to speak softly otherwise the neighbors will find out that she has invited boys.Sameer says fine and asks Naina to atleast play songs. Naina says sure and plays Milti Hai Zindagi Mein Mohabbat Kabhi Kabhi.Swati  goes and changes the song .She puts on  Jahan mein jaati hun wahi chale aate ho..Sameer Naina Preeti Kamya and Pandit exchange looks.

Naina narrates that on that day all we were thinking about was that those lyrics Milti hai mohabbat duniya mein kabhi kabhi,we were thinking if Munna will ever get Swati’s mohabbat.

PRECAP : 20/06/2018 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Sameer cooks and Naina helps him.


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