Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news – Mehek puts her life at risk to save Shourya

Zindagi Ki Mehek upcoming story- Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) turns super woman to save Shourya (Karan Vohra)

In the upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular serial Zindagi Ki Mehek, viewers will have to gear up for some high voltage drama as Mehek will turn a superwoman to save her husband Shourya.

Mehek comes to know that someone has used the name M. At the same time, Khanna claims the ownership of Shaurya’s property. Mehek realizes that its is Khanna who has kidnapped Shaurya. Digvijay, Mehek and Vicky come up with a plan to catch the mysterious person. Mehek and Vicky reach the court in disguise to know the identity of the secret enemy. It is revealed that Svetlana’s real name is Monica Khanna. Monica reaches the court in a burkha so that no one is able to recognize her.

Mehek and Vicky get a doubt on the woman in Burkha and follow her. Mehek makes a smart move as she hides herself in the bunk of Svetlana’s car and she reaches her house. At the same time, Mehek’s family is worried for her as they find out that Mehek is chasing the secret enemy. Kanta is tensed that Mehek too will get kidnapped in her search for Shaurya.  However, Mehek is determined to rescue Shaurya too.

Mehek finds Shaurya is an unconscious condition and gets worried for him. Mehek also gets a glimpse of Svetlana’s face from the Burkha and gets shocked to know that Svetlana is their mysterious enemy. Mehek will now put her own life at risk to save Shaurya from Svetlana’s trap and get him back to the house safe and sound.

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